ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — Two school bus drivers boxed in a motorist who nearly struck a student and crossing guard while passing a stopped school bus here recently, police said.

On Oct. 30 at around 8 a.m., officers from Rocky River Police Department received a report of a woman driving a white Range Rover past a stopped school bus on Lakeview Ave., almost hitting a student and a crossing guard, according to a police report.

Video footage of the incident, captured by a surveillance camera on the Rocky River City School District bus, shows the crossing guard and student in the crosswalk as a vehicle drives past the bus and through the crosswalk, and then continues driving, News 5 Cleveland reports. The crossing guard was able to stop the student as the vehicle drove past, according to the news source. Officers said, according to the police report, that two school bus drivers in the area blocked the vehicle of the motorist, identified as Cali Lynch of Florida, from leaving the scene until police arrived. Lynch was cited with reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

Rocky River City School District wrote in a statement, obtained by News 5 Cleveland, that the district commends the crossing guard's quick reaction and is thankful that no one was harmed. The district also said that it hopes "this video helps motorists to realize the dangers of passing a stopped school bus and ask all drivers to remain vigilant in school zones and around stopped school buses.”

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