Smoke machine provides versatile detection
The HD PowerSmoke diagnostic leak detector is engineered to replicate a high pressure boost load in a heavy-duty engine to test a vehicle’s entire system for faults with the engine safely off. In a single procedure, the leak detector can pinpoint the exact location of any leak and identify failing components, saving technicians valuable time, according to the supplier.
Users introduce the smoke to the engine intake at the air cleaner, and the leak detector will test the integrity of the entire engine system in about 10 minutes, says Mark Hawkins, technical specialist for Redline Detection.

Redline’s PowerSmoke adaptors expand to seal off almost any intake or exhaust system with every brand of medium duty vehicles, company officials add. Variable pressure and flow options replicate boost load and allow the technician to adjust flow as needed to find difficult faults.

Additionally, the expandable bladders plug off the intake but allow smoke to still pass through, making a perfect seal, Hawkins explains. Because the bladders are expandable, the same adaptors can be used on different brands of school buses and engines.

“That saves money because you don’t need adaptors for each and every model and size [vehicle],” he notes.

Another benefit of using this technology in routine preventive service is it can lower operating costs by finding small boost leaks that may create future diesel particulate filter problems and reduce fuel economy, according to the supplier.

Redline Detection

Rug designed to be resilient in high-traffic areas
The new Oil Eater Tuff Rug offers long-wearing durability for high-traffic areas such as auto service departments, company officials said. The absorbent pad is designed to quickly soak up oil, grime and dirt. Made of 100% recycled materials, Tuff Rug also provides a high level of absorbency and tear resistance. The product is available in 36-inch by 150-foot rolls.  
Kafko International

Leak detector flashlight created for a/c, fluid systems
The Tracerline OPTI-LUX 365 (P/N TP-8691) is an LED leak detection flashlight that is designed to provide ultraviolet (UV) light for optimal fluorescent dye response. The flashlight is ideal for all heavy duty air-conditioning and fluid system applications, company officials said. The OPTI-LUX 365 produces a brilliant glow that is designed to make leaks easier to find, saving valuable diagnostic time, according to the supplier. The flashlight pinpoints high-mileage diesel engine oil leaks. With its UV LED, the OPTI-LUX 365 has an inspection range of 25 feet or more.

New mobile lift redesigned for enhanced fault finding
The 18 Type lift is designed to provide more operating capability, with complete re-engineering of the lift column electronics to achieve a high level of reliability while providing the operator with user-friendly controls and further enhanced fault finding. The new lift can also operate as a set of two, four, six or eight columns without modification, company officials said.

Software streamlines fleet maintenance, management
The Decisiv Service Relationship Management platform enables all types of fleets and service providers to collaborate so they can more effectively manage, monitor and report on service and repair event interactions, which can cut downtime and costs, according to the supplier. The platform helps establish standard inspections, VMRS-coded operations and preventive maintenance schedules by asset type, make, model, age, mileage, hours and more. Updates, approvals and event status are available from any computer, tablet or smartphone. All documents, photos, emails and notes are kept in a service history file.

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