New rooftop a/c unit
American Cooling Technology’s new RTS-275 rooftop a/c unit offers a cooling capacity of up to 75,000 Btu/hr. It is available with optional heating coil units and can be supplied with a digital driver display with a/c system diagnostics. The RTS-275 offers a 12-volt or 24-volt electrical system, as well as an option for ebm-papst brushless motors.

Roof-mounted condenser module
Mobile Climate Control’s CR-430 roof-mounted condenser module has been designed to meet the demanding and varied needs of the school bus market. The lightweight, low-profile unit provides improved condensing performance, reliability and ease of installation compared to its predecessors, according to the company.

Independent dash a/c included
Rifled Air’s RAC-Max systems include independent dash a/c. The systems run three compressors off of the engine: Dual TM-21 compressors run the rear a/c, and the independent dash a/c system and compressor cool the driver’s area. The system is designed to extend component life cycle and to enhance pull-down efficiency after passenger loading and unloading.

Heavy duty headliner systems
Bergstrom Inc. has been providing HVAC systems and a full line of condensers to specialty vehicles for more than 50 years. One example is the KA-7300 headliner mount air-conditioning system. The unit features heavy duty steel construction, adjustable thermostat control and a Btu/hr rating of 75,600, among other features.

Climate control for rear-engine buses
The Trans/Air TA17R120 Integrated Transit Climate Control System is a heavy duty option for rear-engine school buses up to 42 feet. The system can yield up to 171,000 Btu/hr in cooling capacity. According to Trans/Air, the simplified digital controls for temperature and fan speed can easily be reached by a seated driver.

Benefits of brushless fans
The shift toward using brushless fans in small bus HVAC systems is one of practicality, according to ebm-papst. The supplier says that brushless fans offer longer life (up to five times), higher efficiency, lower noise and lower power draw when compared to brushed versions, providing fleet owners with lower life-cycle costs and fuel savings potential.

Low-profile rooftop units
Spheros and ACC Climate Control have been working to perfect their line of CC335/55 rooftop air conditioners. Company officials said that the product line offers low maintenance, quiet operation and powerful performance. The slim, low-profile units are designed to provide a modern, integrated look with the bus.

Evaporators for tight spaces
Thermo King’s BE-Series bulkhead evaporators are designed for applications with lower headroom clearance or flush-mount front or rear bulkhead areas. The units are available in three capacities: 45,000, 55,000 and 65,000 Btu/hr. With multiple control, condenser and installation options, the BE-Series systems provide flexibility for various applications.

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