Fleet Monitor System Built to Deliver Key Metrics
The new TD Fleet Monitor gives managers key metrics on their video surveillance system and vehicle health.

TD Fleet Monitor provides information, either automatically or on demand, to help diagnose issues. The system uses GPS and sensor data from the vehicle and communicates with a cloud server to bring data to a desktop computer or mobile device.

TD Fleet Monitor can accommodate multiple users, and automated alerts can be set up. According to 247Security, the system avoids unnecessary trips and labor hours to check cameras, and it provides GPS fleet analysis without changing onboard hardware or installing additional official hardware.


Control Panel Can Sync Activation to Temps, Start Time
The BrightSync intelligent electrical control panel is designed to sync engine block heater activation based on outside temperature, calendar day, start time, duration, and zone control utilizing patent-pending technology.

Engine block heating devices can consume a lot of electricity plugged in all winter, and an electrical bill for an engine block heater averages about $350 per vehicle, according to the company. BrightSync is engineered to save 80% of power usage by limiting the “on-time.”  

BrightSync’s panel mounts next to any existing electrical fuse panel and controls electrical current to outside outlets, and it can centrally control up to 40 vehicles, according to the company. There is no modification needed at the outside receptacles or heating devices on the vehicles.


360-Degree View Mirror Aims to Enhance Bus Stop Safety
The inView 360 vehicle monitoring system is designed to eliminate blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360-degree view around the vehicle. Views from four wide-angle cameras placed at the front, rear, and both sides of the vehicle are combined to give drivers a real-time 360-degree, bird’s-eye view. A split screen on the dashboard shows drivers the 360-degree view, plus a single-camera view that automatically adjusts according to operating condition (reverse, left turn, right turn, forward movement).  When connected to a Seon DVR, the image on the driver screen is recorded and can be played back synchronized with other interior and exterior camera views as well as telemetry data, such as GPS location and vehicle speed and direction.


Sensor Pad Designed to Detect Alcohol Within Seconds
Sober Steering is a touch-based ignition interlock sensor pad placed on the vehicle’s steering wheel that uses advanced biosensor technology to detect the presence of alcohol within five to seven seconds when a driver places a hand on the pad, according to the company. At that point, if the sensors detect alcohol exceeding a pre-set limit, the vehicle is immobilized and an instant message is sent to school transportation personnel.

Sober Steering’s biosensors analyze the gases emitted from the skin to diagnose the body’s condition.

Sober Steering

Tablet Created to Integrate Research, Best Practices
The Zonar Connect tablet is built to incorporate industry research, best practices, and feedback from customers. The tablet features a rugged hardware design and Dragontrail glass screen for harsh conditions, has 2GB of built-in memory and 32GB of storage for enhanced speed and responsiveness, and a scalable Android platform that supports options for third-party and custom Zonar apps. It is also compliant with automatic onboard recording device and hours-of-service regulations and ready for the electronic logging device mandate with capability for over-the-air software update service. Meanwhile, the tablet is designed to integrate with Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control web portal and third-party programs, such as maintenance, payroll, navigation, and workforce management.

Zonar Systems

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