An app that helps track maintenance and fuel, a remote-controlled mobile column lift, and a portable LED work light are among the latest offerings that can assist in school bus maintenance.

App Created to Make Managing Fleet Records Easier
AUTOsist provides a simple and affordable solution to track maintenance, fuel, and other important fleet records. The system is cloud-based, so technicians can access records anytime and across multiple devices, which can make it easy and convenient to stay organized even when on the go. AUTOsist can be used with any type of fleet to increase efficiency and reduce downtime and costs. It is currently available as an iOS or Android app and a desktop web portal, and it can sync to all devices.

Mobile Column Lift Can Be Powered by Remote Control 
Rotary Lift’s new Mach Flex (MCH19 FLEX), powered by RedFire, helps technicians lift more than 150,000 pounds with a patent-pending remote control, according to the supplier. Using the remote control lets the technician move the vehicle around while operating the lift from anywhere in the bay for maximum visibility and flexibility.

With Mach Flex’s industrial-grade remote control, a single technician can operate the lift while walking around the vehicle and the bay, keeping an eye out for any obstructions or other issues, according to Rotary Lift. The remote control guides the technician through the setup process step by step, eliminating the need to stay at each column to sync it before moving to the next one.

The MCH19 FLEX also offers a new, higher lifting capacity of 18,800 pounds per column, enabling a set of eight columns to pick up vehicles weighing up to 150,400 pounds.

Also, Mach Flex features Rotary Lift’s patent-pending LockLight technology. LockLight shows whether the lift is resting on its mechanical load-holding locks, according to the supplier.
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Worksite Light Designed to Burn Brighter, More Efficiently
The new WORX 20V Lithium-ion Worksite Light is a portable LED work light that generates 1,500 lumens, which is the equivalent of a 100-watt light bulb.

The cord-free WORX 20V Lithium-ion Worksite Light is designed to make any project where light is needed easier. A built-in hook can be used to hang the worksite light from the hood of a vehicle to see into a darkened engine compartment, among other hook-hanging applications. The user can also loop the worksite light’s frame to hold the light source in place or mount it to a conventional tripod.

The light is housed in a tubular frame with a rigid foot plate as its base. The frame incorporates a comfortable foam grip, which serves as a carrying handle. The high-performance, tempered-glass LED light’s frame rotates 360 degrees.

Tractor Can Push Vehicles Safely Into Bays
The battery-powered TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor can boost efficiency in the yard because it is always available and can be operated by a wide range of employees. The operator does not need a commercial driver’s license or annual health-check certificate. The tractor has removable ball and pintle attachments for pulling bumper pull equipment, cargo, and RV trailers. The push pad can be used for pushing stalled heavy vehicles, such as semi-trucks, buses, and fire, cement, and garbage trucks, into work bays.

Grinding Wheel Offers More Longevity
The #8150 4.5-inch Diamond Grinding Wheel disc’s three-dimensional contour with topside abrasive coating and thin profile edge allows for cutting, back cutting, gully cutting, and bead finishing with one wheel.

The #8150 provides versatility with its durable, diamond, abrasive coating. The disc maintains its size and shape throughout its long life, providing consistent reach and performance when dressing welds, accessing corners, and more.
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