Nail tech Rebekah Summers drives a bus for Trigg County Public Schools in Cadiz, Ky., while also running her business, Perfect 10 Nails.

One of the things I enjoy about my job writing for SBF is getting to know our readers — learning about their families, where they grew up, any traveling they’ve done, etc.

Another facet that I find interesting is how they spend their time outside of the school bus operation that they work for. Last year, I wrote a blog post titled “What Do You Do in Your Free Time?” where I focused on a couple of hobbies held by pupil transporters in California and Virginia.

More recently, SBF learned of a school bus driver in Cadiz, Ky., who also serves as a nail technician.

Rebekah Summers began driving a school bus for Trigg County Public Schools in 2002 and she is also the owner of Perfect 10 Nails inside a barber shop in Cadiz. Summers runs routes for the school district in between running her nail salon.

In addition, I learned that Dawn Coffin, director of transportation at Maine School Administrative District (MSAD) #37 in Harrington, holds a second job during the summer months.

Since 2004, Coffin has driven a bus for Island Explorer, a free shuttle service for Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor and other surrounding communities.

“My job at MSAD #37 is full time, but I am only required in the office 190 days a year, so the Island job is a great way to be able to be in the park all summer while still getting my work done at home,” Coffin told me.

Coffin usually works three days a week and says that she often transports tourists from all over the world who travel there or are on cruise ships. She also transports park rangers and covers for other Island Explorer drivers when needed.

“I do have fun with them all, and it also makes their vacation a memorable one. I often hear from them later,” she adds.

Outside of my job for SBF, I volunteer for a nonprofit cat rescue and adoption group in Redondo Beach, Calif., called PURRfect Partners. During the week and on weekends, I take video of our adoptable cats and kittens, update our social media sites, help organize fundraising activities, send out e-mail newsletters and work on other projects to spread the word to the community about the group and its mission.

I’ve been volunteering for PURRfect Partners for three years, and it’s very rewarding.    

Do you have a second job, or are you heavily invested in volunteerism or a hobby? If so, I’d like to read about it. Post a comment below or send an e-mail to

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Kelly Roher
Managing Editor