With winter weather in many areas bringing challenging driving conditions and the need for extra vigilance, it’s inevitable that school buses won’t always arrive on schedule.

School bus driver Laura Dean said that she recently noticed another driver lamenting over parents' complaints about school buses running late.

That driver's common frustration, which was posted on a Facebook page for school bus drivers, led to an inspiration for Dean.

“I wanted to have a positive method to inform parents to have more patience,” Dean said, “so I created this poem.”

Here is Dean’s poem, which is sure to resonate for many pupil transporters during this time of year.


The Schools’ Holiday Wish

In the weeks before Christmas, when you and your spouse,
Go scurrying for gifts, as the traffic allows,
And school kids are thinking what Santa will share,
Us school bus drivers are extra safety aware,
Daily checking our buses as we prepare
To transport your angels to school and daycare,
Inspecting our brake lights and the bus stop reds,
All safety equipment, and all tire treads,
Making sure we drive safe as winter weather spreads.
We always keep track of our route overlaps
And the wide tail-swing corners and handicap flaps,
‘Cause we never want any traffic mishaps.
If schedules are slowed, it’s the safety that matters,
As kids cross the street with their fast pitter-patter,
So cars won’t go crash; no windshields to shatter,
And temperatures drop to freezing or below,
From winter storms of rain, sleet, or snow,
We school bus drivers want parents to know
Sometimes we can’t help but be late to appear,
Taking extra precautions so parents won’t fear,
As we care for your kids because they’re so dear.
In the holiday bustle, we all must survive,
And we ask every person to continue to strive
For the kids we transport to safely arrive,
We give everyone this holiday wish …
Happy Christmas to all and to all a safe drive!

Laura Dean
YoGLiN Productions
©2014 All Rights Reserved

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