In the fatal 2014 truck-motorcoach collision in Orland, California, NTSB found that there were difficulties in evacuating from the flame-engulfed motorcoach. Photo by NTSB

Motorcoach crash recalls lessons of Carrollton bus fire

In the fatal 2014 truck-motorcoach collision in California, NTSB found that there were difficulties in evacuating from the flame-engulfed motorcoach. That and other details are similar to the 1988 Carrollton bus disaster.


Drivers attend funeral for Ohio bus driver who died saving student

A line of school buses were parked outside funeral services held for school bus driver Laura Zborowski, who was killed last week when she was run over by her school bus at Middlebury Academy in Akron. The program for the service said that Zborowski “died as she lived, putting the needs of others before her own.”


Bus driver dies after saving student from rolling bus

In Akron, Ohio, school bus driver Laura Zborowski was conducting emergency evacuation drills with students when the bus began to roll. Police say that Zborowski pushed a 10-year-old girl out of the path of the bus and attempted to board the bus to stop it, but the driver was pulled under the vehicle.


1,100 school bus drivers, attendants train in ‘Safety Expo’

Houston Independent School District’s back-to-school transportation training program includes hands-on drills in railroad crossing safety, gang awareness, student management, hurricane preparedness and other topics. As Transportation General Manager Nathan Graf puts it, “It was not your typical training.”

The "Safe Practices for Downed Power Lines" training program was developed by the National Association for Pupil Transportation and the School Bus Safety Co.

New training program targets response to downed power lines

The program, "Safe Practices for Downed Power Lines," was developed by the National Association for Pupil Transportation and the School Bus Safety Co. The two organizations worked with experts from the power industry to create the training for school bus drivers and students.


School bus caught in sagging power lines

School officials in British Columbia say that the bus driver evacuated the passengers in this case because the downed wires had sparked a small fire. However, the officials say, "Normally passengers are advised to stay inside the vehicle if live electrical wires are a factor."

Firefighters in Mesa, Ariz., work to extinguish a blaze on a special-education school bus. Photo by Mesa Fire Department

Driver hailed for response to school bus fire

Fire officials in Mesa, Ariz., praise a school bus driver for her decisive actions to keep her special-education passengers safe when her bus caught on fire. The driver had reportedly noticed a small amount of smoke while she was driving, and she quickly pulled over and helped her passengers evacuate.

Changes to Bedford (Ohio) City School District's bus evacuation drills have made them safer and more orderly, officials say. Here, evacuation teams wait for students to come out to board the buses.

District's new plan targets better bus evacuation drills

At Bedford (Ohio) City School District, officials say that changes in the school bus evacuation drill program have led to safer and more focused training for students and staff. Supervisor of Transportation Patrick Carney shares the details on the new drill system.


Crash averted when school bus stalls on train tracks

In Norwalk, Conn., a school bus reportedly experiences a mechanical malfunction as it is crossing railroad tracks, leaving it stranded. The bus driver evacuates the 40 elementary students on board, and the operator of an approaching commuter train is able to stop 10 feet before the bus.


Student, father fix training bus, save district up to $9K

Zach D’Souza, 15, and his father, Henry D’Souza, repair Buster the School Bus for Poway (Calif.) Unified School District. The bus is more than a dozen years old and has not been used for the last several years because it was broken.

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