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Expert Dispatchers Strengthen the Team

Dispatchers impact all aspects of the transportation department, from day-to-day operations to public relations to employee morale. Sharpening their skills w...

Go online!

It’s great to see bus technicians and transportation managers asking for help with problems and getting solid answers from someone who could be hundr...

School Bus Seat Belts Catching On

Proponents have developed counterpoints to each of the most common arguments against installing seat belts on school buses, including loss of capacity, probl...

Defensive Driving Principles and How to Teach Them

After instituting a defensive driving focus in its training program, one district decreased reportable accidents by 33 percent.

Zen and the art of driving

Here at SBF, we’ve been blogging quite a bit about road safety and safe driving, a particularly good topic in light of the school year ramping...

Fire Suppression Systems Protect Assets, Save Lives

Manufacturers of fire suppression systems for school buses provide product details and discuss the benefits of installation.

15th NCST Moves Industry Forward

Topics of debate included a revision that would have made crossing arms mandatory on school buses — delegates rejected the change.

Talk About a Revolution

I got caught up in an interesting reality TV show this spring that followed celebrity chef Jamie Oliver as he worked to change the school food system in Hunt...

Recruiting, From Start to Finish

Putting an excellent driver behind the wheel of a school bus is the end result of a long search, from putting the call out for qualified candidates to backgr...

Bus Video: A Versatile Tool

School bus operators use video surveillance systems to resolve disputes and as sources of evidence in accidents or onboard incidents. Some are also using vid...

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