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Welcome to the School Bus Fleet Research Center! Here, you will find all the facts and figures you need concerning the pupil transportation industry. From state-by-state transportation statistics to school bus sales numbers and original industry survey results, we have it all in the School Bus Fleet Research Center. You must have a premium membership to access this valuable industry data. Premium membership is $3.95 per month, or a 12-month membership is $42.

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U.S. State-by-State Transportation Statistics

Provides a breakdown of information for each of the 50 states, including the number of K-12 public and private school students transported daily, the number of school buses in each state and the total state aid paid for pupil transportation.

Canadian Pupil Transportation Data

Includes a breakdown of stats for Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan. Figures reported include the number of school buses operated in each of these provinces and the number of students transported.

Loading/Unloading Fatality Statistics

Provides information on the number of students killed in school bus loading and unloading accidents in the U.S. The findings come from the National School Bus Loading and Unloading Survey, which the Kansas State Department of Education’s School Bus Safety Education Unit compiles each year.

Bus, Chassis and Engine Specifications

Includes such information as bus classifications for each offering from the large and small school bus manufacturers, suspension type for chassis and fuel type for available engines.

School Bus Seat Belt Laws

This infographic shows which U.S. states have a law in effect requiring seat belts on school buses, or a law that provides a tax incentive for seat belts. Currently, the states that have such laws are California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, New York and Connecticut.

Pupil Transportation Responsibilities: Who Does What?

We asked state pupil transportation directors which agencies in their state perform various pupil transportation duties, such as which agency allocates state funding for pupil transportation and which certifies school bus drivers. Included is a breakdown for those who responded.

Special-Needs Survey

This survey is sent to managers and supervisors at school district transportation departments and bus companies. Survey topics covered include the proportion of special-needs students transported by respondents, challenges in busing these students, training topics and resources for training, and mainstreaming of special-needs students.

Maintenance Survey

This survey is sent to managers and technicians at school district transportation departments and contractors. Survey topics include bus-to-technician ratio, fleet age, technician pay, parts purchasing and training sources.

Driver Training Survey

This survey is sent to transportation directors and driver trainers at school districts and contractors. Topics covered in this survey include the frequency and duration of training sessions, the ratio of drivers to trainers among respondents and topics covered in training sessions.

Driver Survey

This survey is sent to school bus drivers. Topics include employee satisfaction, career advancement, years of service and job challenges.

Contractor Survey

This survey is sent to executives and managers at school bus contractor companies. The survey includes information on driver wage and manager salary, driver shortage, bus purchasing and alternative fuels, among other topics.

Equipment Survey

This survey is sent to directors and managers at school district transportation departments and school bus contractor companies. The survey covers equipment that's included on respondents' buses, such as GPS, lap-shoulder belts, cameras and student tracking systems.

Pre-1977 School Buses

Provides the percentage of pre-1977 school buses in each of the 50 states.

Fuel Review

Provides a recap of the average retail price of diesel in the U.S. over the past year, as well as over the past 10 years.

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