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Cincinnati increases walking distances to save $1.8M
July 13, 2010
Transportation will now be provided only for elementary students living one mile or more from school and for high school students living 1.25 miles or more from school. Students who ride public transit to school face a $0.50 increase on fares.
First Student wins Illinois contract
July 12, 2010
The contractor began serving Berkeley School District 87 on July 1. Under the three-year agreement, First Student is providing the district with 17 buses, each of which is equipped with a child-check reminder system, a crossing gate and a GPS system.
Districts renew contracts with American Logistics Co.
July 12, 2010
The special-needs student transportation management company will continue to provide services for Seattle Public Schools and Washington County School District in Utah for the 2010-11 school year.
Special-needs transportation training curriculum updated
July 12, 2010
PTSI’s Transporting Students with Disabilities program has been revised for 2009 to comply with current IDEA regulations and industry standards.
First Student wins new special-education contract
July 12, 2010
Under a three-year agreement that will begin on Aug. 1, the company will serve a Minnesota school district, providing transportation services for special-needs students and a total of 27 new buses. First Student will also continue to transport the district’s regular-ed students with a fleet of 49 buses.
Union tries to stop outsourcing of bus service
July 8, 2010
School bus drivers for a Connecticut district launch a petition drive calling for a public hearing before any vote is held by the school board on whether to contract out transportation.
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Supporters of the campaign joined Neil Abercrombie on his school bus listening tour of the Big Island of Hawaii.
Hawaii candidate tours island on a school bus
July 8, 2010
Neil Abercrombie, who is running for governor, met with local leaders in education, agriculture and the arts. His school bus tour focused on reaching rural communities.
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Kentucky school bus driver honored
July 8, 2010
Helen Cottongim, who has transported students for 36 years, is named the National Education Association’s 2010 Education Support Professional of the Year, winning a $10,000 grant.
Southeastern States Conference has full agenda
July 8, 2010
The four-day event kicks off this Sunday in Columbia, S.C. It will include updates from the NTSB and NHTSA, NAPT Professional Development Series courses, and presentations and sessions on such topics as transporting homeless students and distracted driving. A trade show will also be held.
As corporate director of business relations for Synovia, Baxter will help to support clients’ needs and challenges.
Pete Baxter joins Synovia Corp.
July 7, 2010
The former Indiana state director of pupil transportation will serve as corporate director of business relations for the fleet management solutions provider. In the role, Baxter will communicate with the company’s end users, supporting their needs and challenges.
Canada launches passenger van safety review
July 7, 2010
The government will consult and seek input from provincial and territorial governments. An assessment of the stability of 15-passenger vans and multi-function activity buses; brake testing; and testing to determine the vehicle rollover threshold will also be conducted.
Pupil transportation veteran Pauline Gervais, known for her expertise in areas like special-needs transportation and student management, will serve as a consultant for Education Compliance Group alongside Peggy Burns and Mark Hinson.
Pauline Gervais joins Education Compliance Group
July 7, 2010
The pupil transportation veteran, known for her expertise in areas like special-needs transportation and student management, will serve as a consultant alongside Peggy Burns and Mark Hinson.
First Student techs receive top ASE certification
July 6, 2010
Eleven employees at the contractor’s Schaumburg, Ill., location earn the Blue Seal of Excellence. The technicians maintain 346 buses that serve seven school districts in the area.
Cook-Illinois drivers excel during roadeo
July 6, 2010
David Jensen, Archie Banks and Jerry Heim, who work for subsidiaries of the school bus contractor, take the top three spots in the Illinois School Bus Safety Roadeo's semi-finals. They were required to complete a pre-trip inspection, participate in driving skills challenges and take a written exam.
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District changes day care drop-off policy
July 6, 2010
Students will only be able to be dropped off at a day care center instead of at home if the center is on the same bus route. About 100 students currently take a bus to day care after school.
Driver reports school bus sprayed with pesticide
July 6, 2010
A school bus driver reports that her bus was sprayed with pesticide when she was driving past an orchard last week. Twelve students were on board, but no illnesses have been reported as a result of the spray.
Veteran school bus driver retires
July 6, 2010
Eleanor Jackson drove buses for two years in Rhode Island and then for two school districts in Maine for 39 years. She believes that the key to transporting students successfully is treating them with respect.
Fontinalis Partners invests in Everyday Solutions
July 1, 2010
The firm will help Everyday Solutions, which manufactures pupil transportation management systems, grow and expand its business. Ralph Booth, a founding partner at Fontinalis, has joined the company’s board of directors.
IMMI names facility manager for new plant
July 1, 2010
In this position, Steve Bragg will be responsible for all plant operations. Bragg has worked at the company for 11 years and previously held positions in plant maintenance and operations.
School bus contractor gives scholarships to grads
July 1, 2010
Krapf awards a total of $23,000 to 20 graduating high schoolers from the districts it serves. The company has been giving out scholarships since 1985.

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