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Missouri governor may reduce funding for bus service
January 5, 2011
As one school district eliminates service for several hundred students due to a substantial cut in the amount of state aid for school buses and transportation this school year, Gov. Jay Nixon says that under his proposed 2011 budget, funding for buses and transportation is on a “watch list” for potential budget cuts.
Winner named for special-needs conference scholarship
January 4, 2011
American Logistics will fund an all-expenses paid trip for Diane Clinkscales, transportation and facilities coordinator for a Head Start operation in Oregon, to attend the 2011 National Conference and Exhibition on Transporting Students With Disabilities and Preschoolers.
Vail (Ariz.) Unified School District has participated in two marathons and raised $16,000 that is being put toward the district's transportation department.
Photo courtesy of Vail Unified School District
District combats budget woes by providing transportation for marathon
January 4, 2011
Employees of the Vail Unified School District participate in a local marathon, and the district is asked to provide transportation for the event's runners. Vail's transportation supervisor discusses with SBF how the district has now participated in two marathons and raised $16,000 for its transportation department.
Jordan Transportation acquires New Jersey contractor
January 4, 2011
The company, an operating subsidiary of Student Transportation Inc., completes the acquisition of Kevah Konner Inc. It will provide 100 vehicles and annualized revenues of $4.8 million.
Missouri school district acquires lot for new district-operated fleet
January 4, 2011
The district's board of education purchases the lot, which includes an office and maintenance facility, from its contractor. School officials believe that having a district-operated fleet will save money in anticipation of major budget cuts; the district also switches to a three-tier bus system to further cut costs.
A Virginia legislator has introduced a bill that would add a missing word to the state's regulation on stopping for school buses.
Photo by Barry Johnson
Loophole in bus passing law targeted
January 4, 2011
One missing word in Virginia’s regulation on stopping for school buses allowed a motorist to avoid being convicted. A state legislator introduces a bill that would add “at” to fix the law.
Kevin Jennings of the U.S. Department of Education will give a keynote address on bullying at the upcoming Transporting Students With Disabilities conference. He also spoke on the topic at last fall's NAPT Summit, as seen here with a slide showing bullying victims.
DOE official to discuss bullying at special-needs event
January 3, 2011
In a keynote address at the Transporting Students With Disabilities conference, Assistant Deputy Secretary Kevin Jennings will speak on what the federal government is doing to help school officials, including transporters, cut down on bullying.
Driver pens book to promote positive bus behavior
January 3, 2011
Per author Charlie Warr’s vision, the book would be sponsored by local businesses, whose ads would be placed inside. Those books would then be provided free to schools that would use them.
Lawmakers to again consider illegal bus passing law
January 3, 2011
Nathan’s Law, named after a boy who was killed by a motorist as he was disembarking his school bus, will be re-introduced during the Mississippi Legislature’s 2011 session. The bill got full support from the state Senate last year, but died in a House committee.
Special-needs agency changes name to reflect focus of service
December 30, 2010
Texas Panhandle Mental Health Mental Retardation becomes Texas Panhandle Centers — Behavioral and Developmental Health. Officials say the new name also reflects the organization’s goal of erasing the stigma attached to intellectual disabilities.
Special-needs student falls from moving bus, dies
December 30, 2010
Six-year-old Jeremy Jennings Jr. opens the bus’ rear door and falls onto the road, sustaining traumatic brain injuries. Family members, who took him off of life support two days later, question why he wasn’t in the harness that his state-mandated education plan required him to have.
Review: Expert guidance on safety restraints
December 30, 2010
The School Bus Safety Handbook is deemed “the definitive authority” on installing car seats, safety vests and wheelchairs on school buses in this review by pupil transportation consultant Ted Finlayson-Schueler.
Driver sentenced for DUI in special-needs bus crash
December 30, 2010
A bus driver who injected heroin while operating a special-needs bus for a Pennsylvania school district in 2009 and subsequently crashed will serve up to 23 months in jail.
School buses destroyed in Christmas fire
December 28, 2010
Several Goffstown Truck Center buses are charred and gutted and others are melted by the flames. The company, which provides contracted school bus service for a New Hampshire district, is working with the district to provide temporary transportation for students after winter break.
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Kansas school district purchases 47 CNG buses
December 28, 2010
Kansas City (Kan.) Public Schools acquires the Thomas Built Buses HDX units with $4 million provided by the U.S. Department of Energy and matching funds from the school district.
New York to switch to electronic fingerprinting for bus drivers
December 28, 2010
The new system, which will be put into place starting in February, will reduce the time it takes to run a background check on newly hired school bus drivers from three months to a few days. Electronic fingerprinting will also improve the accuracy of background checks.
Pennsylvania DOT changes diabetic regulations for bus drivers
December 28, 2010
Among the revisions is the requirement that in order to receive a diabetic waiver, a school bus driver’s healthcare provider must verify that the driver has had no severe hypoglycemic reactions or symptomatic hyperglycemia, and that the driver has been free from an insulin reaction that has resulted in a loss of consciousness, attention or awareness, or has required assistance from another person.
In the 2010 sales year, 31,194 school buses were sold in the U.S. and Canada, down about 13 percent from the 2009 total and 34 percent from the 2006 total.
School bus sales drop for fourth year in a row
December 28, 2010
In the 2010 sales year, 31,194 school buses were sold in the U.S. and Canada, down about 13 percent from the 2009 total and 34 percent from the 2006 total.
Oregon association’s workshop to focus on bullying
December 28, 2010
The Oregon Pupil Transportation Association’s 2011 Winter Workshop, to be held Feb. 26, will feature presentations on such topics as the role school bus drivers can play in stopping violence, and how to respond to bullying on the spot. It will also include a mock bullying/hostage event.
House passes Diesel Emissions Reduction Act
December 21, 2010
The five-year reauthorization of the program, which provides funds to reduce emissions from school buses and other diesel vehicles, now goes to President Obama, who is expected to sign it.
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