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Ohio district to reduce bus service to state minimum
January 12, 2012
Tiffin City Schools' board of education votes to reduce bus service so that next school year, only students in grades K-8 who live more than two miles away from school will ride a district bus. The plan is expected to save the district $120,000.
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Bus partially submerged on flooded road
January 12, 2012
The bus, which is carrying more than 50 elementary school students, is swept into a ditch and water enters the back of the bus after the driver tries to navigate the road. The sheriff's department evacuates the students using trucks.
Ky. school bus ad bill passes committee
January 11, 2012
The state Legislature’s House Education Committee approves House Bill 30, which would allow school boards to sell advertising space on school buses, and give them the authority to decide on the ads’ content. The bill now goes to the full House for consideration.
Stop-arm running on the rise, police in Wis. say
January 11, 2012
In Sturgeon Bay, officers have been dispatched to an increased number of illegal school bus passing incidents in the past few weeks. The police department takes the opportunity to urge motorists to do their part in keeping bus riders safe.
Faced with a reduction of more than $710,000 to its transportation budget due to statewide cuts, Southern Humboldt Unified School District has eliminated its transportation department.
Funding cuts prompt Calif. district to eliminate transportation department
January 10, 2012
Southern Humboldt Unified School District’s board of trustees votes to lay off 11 bus drivers and three other transportation employees in the wake of a more than $710,000 reduction in funding for transportation services, which is due to statewide budget cuts. The district’s superintendent discusses with SBF the next steps that will be taken to provide service for students.
7 students receive home detention for bus beating
January 10, 2012
Five girls and two boys are released to their parents and placed on home detention by a judge after they allegedly beat a 13-year-old girl on a school bus. They have been charged with felony battery and disorderly conduct.
Committee narrowly passes Fla. bus ad bill
January 10, 2012
The Senate Prekindergarten-12 Committee passes SB 344 with a 4-2 vote. The bill would have died, but a critic votes for it so that the bill's sponsor can make changes to it.
At less than 10 inches tall, ACT's CR-4 bus air-conditioning condenser unit increases roof clearance and eliminates the need to install a branch guard.
New rooftop a/c condenser has low profile
January 9, 2012
At less than 10 inches tall, American Cooling Technology's CR-4 bus air-conditioning condenser unit increases roof clearance and eliminates the need to install a branch guard.
First Student subsidiary buys Quebec bus company
January 9, 2012
With the $8.5 million deal, Autobus Transco begins operating Transport St. Leonard's 150 schools buses. As part of the transition, the experienced drivers will participate in 20 hours of classroom and behind-the-wheel training.
District to train special-ed students to use Metro
January 9, 2012
D.C. Public Schools and other city education leaders are identifying students who could be trained to take public transportation to school. The plan is designed to help reduce the $26,000-per-student annual cost of transporting them by school bus.
Special-needs bus involved in crash
January 5, 2012
Investigators who respond to the incident believe that as pickup truck driver Angela Brown approached a traffic signal on a highway’s off-ramp, she failed to stop, smashing into the rear of a police-owned Ford Fusion, and then striking the rear of the school bus as she continued on. One student on the bus is treated for a minor injury.
Longtime N.Y. state director retires
January 5, 2012
Marion Edick stepped down from her post as the state’s director of pupil transportation services on Dec. 30. During Edick’s tenure, physical performance tests for school bus drivers were implemented and several programs were developed through the $400,000 training fund, including master instructor trainings and continuation of the PDS program.
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School bus fire deemed accidental
January 5, 2012
The Pocomoke (Md.) Fire Company responds to the scene and finds the burning bus close to a shed. The fire is quickly extinguished and contained.
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School bus driver saves lost infant’s life
January 5, 2012
As Ricardo Martinez was covering a trip for the Anaheim (Calif.) City School District in October, he noticed a car swerving around something in the middle of the road. He drove a bit closer only to find it was a 15-month-old baby boy. Martinez talks about the incident with SBF.
Bus driver retires after 37 years
January 5, 2012
Richard Tagliabue served as a public school bus driver in Wayne, N.J. He also ran the Wayne township transportation safety education program for 15 years and was a state-certified driving instructor for 15 years.
DATTCO employees help families in need
January 5, 2012
Seven employees at the bus company’s Burrillville, R.I., terminal spend more than 230 hours knitting scarves, mittens and hats, which are donated to a social service agency.
Student Transportation acquires N.J. bus company
January 5, 2012
The contractor has acquired Safe Start Transportation, which has provided home-to-school student transportation services to the North Central region of the state. Officials say the fleet comprises fewer than 200 vehicles.
District issues tips for winter transportation safety
January 4, 2012
School district officials in Vernon, N.J., give guidance to the community to ensure that students stay safe while traveling to and from school in winter conditions. In addition to bus safety procedures for snowy weather, the guidance includes encouraging student drivers to take the bus home on days when there is an early dismissal.
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Registration extended for special-needs conference
January 3, 2012
The standard fees are extended until Feb. 29 for the National Conference on Transporting Students with Disabilities & Preschoolers, to be held March 9-14 in Orlando, Fla. The registration fees will increase on March 1.
Amish press for separate school busing
January 3, 2012
A New York district provided separate transportation for local Amish children last school year but stopped in the fall. Amish parents say they don’t want their kids to be influenced by mainstream culture, but district officials say giving them special bus runs is costly and sets a bad precedent.

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