Incident management solution tracks student discipline

Posted on August 23, 2012

DALLAS — Tyler Technologies Inc. has introduced its Tyler Incident Management solution, which provides software for school and transportation officials to record and manage school and bus incidents.

Officials said that Tyler Incident Management is a flexible, web-based solution that can be installed in accordance with school districts’ policies and procedures, enabling school officials to follow a consistent process for incident tracking.

Within the solution, users can create and search for incidents, run reports and modify/enter information while assigning priority, categories and departments to alert key personnel of incidents around:

● Bullying. Tyler Incident Management helps districts comply with current anti-bullying laws and is flexible enough to accommodate future legislation, according to the company.

● Discipline. Incidents requiring disciplinary action can be recorded for both students and district employees.

● School bus accidents. To ensure that the proper procedural guidelines are followed, dispatchers can search the knowledge base and determine whom they need to contact and in what order.

● School building and bus vandalism. Built-in procedure guidelines can be set to automatically inform mechanics or buildings and grounds staff of vandalism, as well as alert district personnel if one or more students have been identified as being involved.

“We developed the Tyler Incident Management solution to give schools a highly flexible and functional incident tracking tool both for school buses and facilities,” said James Guzewich, president of Tyler’s Versatrans School Solution. “This solution is another example of our commitment to schools, and it’s why our clients have relied on Tyler’s industry leadership for almost 30 years.”

Tyler Incident Management can be purchased as a standalone solution or in conjunction with Tyler’s Munis enterprise resource planning solution and Versatrans student transportation solution.

For more information, go to Tyler Technologies' website.

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  • Dan Luttrell

     | about 6 years ago

    The issues around administrative responsibilities are somewhat sensitive. The amount of time involved with follow up disciplinary issues with students is overwhelming at times. The communication between the administrators to school staff members and the administrator to parents as well as administrator to student on exactly what the expectations are for everyone involved inside the school building eats up valuable time. Include issues upon the bus as well and it includes more valuable time especially if there happens to be video documentation of a specific incident an administrator has to review. Compound that times by the amount of student who are submitted on conduct reports daily by the bus driver seeking assistance from the administrators of the building involved and you can begin to see why the schools need assistant principals and attendance department personnel. Software that helps keep important information and confidential information that is required by administrative processes or keeps it all in a location for everyone who is on a need-to-know basis is valuable in saving time communicating information. Small school systems do a good job and when a principal is having issues in the building with a student the principal is not surprised that bus drivers and monitors are also having issues getting the student to and from school. Now include special needs issues and you can begin to see how quickly a normal day can be a big challenge for administrators and fellow school employees. Principals don't have time to waste counselling each and every student misbehaving. Communication is key when employee have to follow specific policies of student conduct issues as well as special needs IEP planning that has special instructions for a special needs student. I plan to visit ( and see what their software has to offer. You can always learn something new everyday. Dan - Indiana.

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