Tenn. district cuts bus service for 8 days

Posted on May 15, 2012

MAYNARDVILLE, Tenn. — Some Union County Public Schools bus passengers will have to find another mode of transportation for the next eight days, as the district has stopped bus service for the last week of school, according to news outlets.  

Knoxville News Sentinel reports that the district has suspended all of its school bus transportation except that for special-education and pre-kindergarten students.

Jimmy Carter, interim schools director, told the newspaper that close to 85% of the district's students ride a bus to school, and that "the school system, the school board and staff are unhappy" about the decision to suspend the service.

As previously reported, the plan to shorten bus service was on the table to help address a budget shortfall of about $200,000.  

Following the decision to stop the service, Union County Public Schools reportedly sent a letter to parents saying that students who don't attend the last week of school will be considered absent, according to a story on

However, the letter also says that parents are permitted to excuse children from five days of school with a written note, and that parents facing a "transportation hardship" can appeal their children’s absences.

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  • coolbuskid

     | about 7 years ago

    I wonder how many administrators have lost their jobs over this budget shortfall. There are public school administrators in my local district that get paid a six-figure salary to push paperwork and tell us that there is a budget shortfall, but they always seem to get more money for themselves while the students are made to suffer to effects of those budget cuts. It was just recently that millions of dollars in taxpayer funding was approved for hiring new administrators, despite the cuts to other areas in student services. Another problem is that the government buses students to schools that are no longer within the local community, and it makes pedestrian travel difficult or even dangerous. Instead of being able to walk to school, you take your life in your hands trying to cross highways and at intersections that weren't intended for large amounts of pedestrian traffic comprising students who may not understand traffic laws. The government takes our hard-earned money, mishandles and squanders it, and then punishes the same people who were forced to pay the government after the bureaucrats screw up. The people who caused the problem get paid their salaries and pensions, and the students and parents are asked to make up the difference. If there is a $200,000 loss, any school administrators that are not actually teaching classes should be on a list of redundant employees. It is an insult to be printing memos that parents find in children's bookbags, informing them that bus transportation is being cut and that it's the parents' legal responsibility to get their children to school at their own additional expense. No, it was the legal responsibility of the taxpayer-funded school system to spend only what it took in from taxes. I can fix a $200,000 shortfall really easy. I'd just look at how many administrators were handing the budget and pushing paperwork, single out anyone who isn't teaching at least one course section or engaged in academic research, and they

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