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Contractor offers incentive for safety, attendance

Posted on March 1, 2012

JOLIET, Ill. — A new incentive program at North America Central/Illinois Central School Bus aims to increase safety and attendance among staff members.

The school bus contractor’s safety and attendance incentive program is open to drivers, mechanics and monitors nationwide, at all 54 of the company’s locations.

To qualify, a staff member must be free of preventable accidents and workers’ compensation claims and have perfect attendance for a given month. All such staff will have their name put in a drawing at the end of the month, and the winner at each location will receive a flat-screen TV.

February was the first month of the program, which will be ongoing.

“It is anticipated that the incentive will not only boost attendance and safety awareness, but will also serve as a morale booster throughout the company,” officials said in a statement.

North America Central/Illinois Central School Bus currently transports more than 200,000 children daily in its fleet of 3,400 buses.


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  • Mike Gough

     | about 7 years ago

    This sounds like a great plasn for the drivers. About 2.5 years ago my bus was hit heavily from behind by a 3 tonne office supply delivery truck. That truck was a write-off, the bus had semi-minor damage. It was at a railway crossing stop while I leaned forward belted-in to gain a better view north up the RR tracks. A paramedic took all of 30 seconds checking me out and I also concluded no pain so no Workers comp claim needed. However, WOW 3 days later I had extreme back pain near my scapula area (a typical whipllash injury delay) To cover myself off I initiated a workers comp claim re the accident. It was never used but I based it upon doctor's advice that collision related whiplash can often be long term or a chronic back again type injury. My point is why the hell should employees be discouraged from claiming workers comp for legit and understandable reasons? Too many employers have the automatic outlook it is evil and underhanded to make a claim. So what is the big incentive to be 'sin' free. A gift certificate to Ronny Macs and your name on the honour roll of drivers that are perfect and never suffer incidents?

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