Hunter charged for shooting school bus

Posted on November 29, 2011

CONEWANGO, N.Y. — A hunter has been charged in connection with an incident here last week wherein a rifle round hit a Randolph Central School District bus carrying 35 students, according to a story on

Authorities investigating the case said that 59-year-old William Squire was on his own property, in a tree stand, when he fired his 30.06 rifle, striking the bus. Police Capt. Steven Graap told the news source that Squire discharged his rifle at a deer in the direction of the roadway, but the bullet missed the animal and traveled across the road, entering the bus just above the door. Although it came close to striking the driver and one of the students on board, no one was injured.

Squire turned himself in to authorities following the incident and his cooperating with investigators. He faces charges of reckless endangerment and criminal mischief, and he was also cited for a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation violation of firing across a highway.

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  • jkraemer

     | about 6 years ago

    Somewhat agree the hunter in the story acted out of step with good hunting practices. Regardless, I don't see criminal mischief, or any intent to harm anyone. What he saw was a deer and a strand of trees beyond the deer. He did not see a highway, or a school bus. Amazing the bullet did not wedge in a tree. That sort of bad luck probably hasn't happened to him before and unlikely would happen again. There are hunters all over our neighborhood in densely populated forest. Haven't had something like in the story happen the dozen plus years I've lived in this area. Something else may be going on, since the hunter has been fully cooperative, even turned himself in. Is it illegal to hunt on his property? Is it an election year in that area? Is a prosecutor attempting to move up the ladder of political success? Would like to know what is different here? Glad no one was hurt -- gives time to the hunter to correct his hunting practices without a lynching involved.

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