Girl left at wrong bus stop goes missing for 2 hours

Posted on August 9, 2011

DULUTH, Ga. — A 5-year-old elementary school student was missing for two hours on Monday after her bus driver dropped her off at the wrong stop.

Lyric Gavin took the bus home from school for the first time and was dropped off at an apartment complex 15 minutes away from where she lives, CBS Atlanta reports. She walked around the complex looking for her parents until another parent saw her and contacted her mother, Monisha Gavin.

Gavin had gone directly to Chesney Elementary School after her daughter did not get off the bus at the correct stop. Gavin told the news source that school officials said they did not know where Lyric was.

Lyric had an address tag on her backpack so that the driver could ensure she was dropped off at the correct stop, but Lyric exited the bus with a group of children and the driver didn't see the tag, according to Gwinnett County Public Schools spokeswoman Sloan Roach.

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  • Sheena Carlson

     | about 7 years ago

    This exact thing just happened to my daughter today! Today was her first time riding the bus home from school. She just started at a new school and we decided to give the bus a shot. Well, Chloe was missing for a hour! She is only 6! I was frantic! The school said that they didn't know where she was and they'd call me back when they found her! I couldn't believe it! Eventually, after nearly an hour we got word from the bus dispatch that they found Chloe at the boys and girls club. I didn't even know where that was. A school councelor showed up at my driveway and led me there. Chloe had been crying and was totally confused. I can't believe that this could happen. When I was a kid, a bus driver wouldn't even let an unfamiliar kid on a bus without a signed note from a parent saying that they were allowed to ride the bus with a friend. Now any kid can get on any bus and OFF of any bus at ANY STOP and nobody gives a second glance. What if Chloe had been dropped off at a side street somewhere? I might have never seen her again!

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