Bill would allow ads on Kentucky school buses

Posted on November 18, 2010

FRANKFORT, Ky. — State Rep. Brad Montell has pre-filed a bill to be considered during the Legislature’s 2011 regular session that would allow advertisements to be placed on the exterior of school buses.

Under BR 242, local school boards would determine the length and terms of advertising contracts. The advertisements could not interfere with the effectiveness of any required reflective materials or warning equipment on the buses.

In addition, they would only be permitted on the exterior portions of a bus below the bottom of the windows: from behind the front wheel to the front of the back wheel, and from behind the back wheel to the end of the bus.

Advertising of any alcohol or tobacco products, or political or campaign advertisements would be prohibited.

Local school boards would be required to allocate 50 percent of the net advertising proceeds for classroom use, and a minimum of 25 percent for offsetting the cost of student transportation.

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  • Dan

     | about 8 years ago

    D - Do you recognize that you've just reinforced my major point/issue? My real question is not the hypothetical situations I posted, but the question of Who's the censor? And in your reply you assumed that role. You declared ED meds not appropriate. If I were a manufacturer or distributor of ED meds and applied to advertise on your bus and you said NO I would respond with this argument. ED meds are advertised all over TV in prime time and family time. If they are OK in the home why not on the bus? My target market is not the students in the bus, but the adult sitting in the car at a traffic light and looking at the side of the bus. You're denying me the ability (right?) to advertise a legitimate and legal product. You said some massage parlors can be legitimate businesses. Which ones? How do you determine which are legit and which are illegal? Visit them and make a judgement? If you make a subjective decision that a particular parlor is not OK and deny it space what if the owner disagrees and cites your restraint of his business in the lawsuit? Condoms are OK? Well you think so for very logical reasons. But, you can bet that your school has a large number of parents who would object to this advertising for a variety of well know reasons. Another furor and maybe a suit. If you deny the condom supplier space they would cite the same restraint of trade as discussed above. Consider the situation in New York City where the public transit system refused to post ads protesting the mosque construction. The protesters objected and went to court. I think this fund raising method is a field full of land mines.

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