Efforts to restore cuts to school bus transportation fail

Posted on October 22, 2010

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — A citizen petition to restore cuts to school bus transportation here failed 89 to 40 by a ballot vote on Oct. 20 at a special town meeting.

As SBF previously reported, the Framingham School Committee approved scaled-back school bus transportation this year to save $500,000. Only students who live at least two miles away from their schools can ride buses. 

New Town, Mass., meeting member Danielle Thorpe sponsored a warrant article that would have forced officials to appropriate money from other parts of the Framingham budget to restore transportation to students who live within two miles of the schools they attend.

During the town meeting, speakers debated about taking $270,000 from the town’s stabilization fund to reinstate bus service to these students, The MetroWest Daily News reports.

Thorpe told the newspaper that she was disappointed by the outcome of the meeting and ballot vote.

“But it is what it is,” she added, “and I hope that it wakes this town up and I hope that no child gets hurt in the meantime.”

Linda Dunbrack, chairwoman of the Framingham Finance Committee (which opposed the warrant article), told the newspaper that the town needs to focus on cutting costs and finding new revenue, and that it must “break the cycle of living beyond its means.”

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  • Herbert James

     | about 8 years ago

    I am quite sure that if this transportation issue, directly effected the chair-person of the board in Framingham, that this would have a different out-come. In a time and atmosphere, where children are getting knabbed right off of the sides of our not so safe roadways, in our pristene neighbor-hoods that we naively believe to be safe, many superintendent of schools are issuing instructions to school bus contractors or transportations departments, to pick up any and all children in the district, to ensure safe transport to and from schools. Perhaps a small co-pay could be considered, to accomplish this matter. There is certainly no savings nor benefit to having all those parents, transporting their children to and from school, talking on their cell phones and doing whatever, plus all the emmissions of the extra vehicular traffic and the added congestion of extra traffic. This impedes the flow of the regular traffic and the school bus traffic. I am in my 47th year of off and on school bus driving, and the childrens safety has always been the prime factor in transportation. Budgets have been worked around and/or supplimented by other means, but always safe transportation has always been the most important issue. One child getting knabbed in the Framingham area and things would look pretty sad on the school committees part. Framingham School Committee, should re-look this issue. I, certainly do not have any children, grand-children, nor great-grand children, that have such a low value placed on their lives and safety. As a bus driver who really cares about my charges, I ask the school committee to look at this again. Herbert James

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