Children hit by passing cars in similar accidents last week

Posted on September 28, 2010

Children were hit by motorists illegally passing school buses in similar but separate accidents that occurred on the same day last week.

On Friday morning in Knox County, Ind., an 18-year-old motorist hit a 7-year-old child who was crossing the street to board her school bus, WFIE reports.

The child was treated and released from the hospital. The motorist was arrested and charged with reckless driving for disregarding the school bus stop arm. Investigators say the teenager was using her cell phone when the accident occurred.

On the same morning in Elizabethtown, N.C., a 9-year-old boy was hit by a motorist in a similar accident. The boy was crossing the street to board his school bus when an oncoming car failed to stop for the bus' flashing lights and stop arm. The child was listed in fair condition at a hospital, News 14 reports.

The 35-year-old driver in that accident will be charged with failure to stop for a stopped school bus.

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  • Clay Boggess

     | about 8 years ago

    I was reading about a new technology that uses a special camera, which once implemented, will definitely make drivers think twice about running a school bus stop sign. This camera is placed on school buses that takes pictures of violator’s license plates and send them tickets in the mail. The camera will have the same affect as the stop signals that have cameras and send out tickets. People usually pay more respect to the signals that have the cameras and usually know which stop lights have them and which ones don’t. This technology needs to become standard equipment on every school bus and the word needs to get out quickly so that people will start respecting the school bus stop sign. Obviously there are going to be people who end up fighting this, but for what justification? Our students’ safety is at stake. Clay Boggess

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