District, police respond to rise in bus passing

Posted on April 16, 2010

NAPLES, Fla. — The local school district is teaming up with police after seeing an increase in motorists illegally passing stopped school buses.

Collier County School District officials said that the problem has become particularly pronounced in the Golden Gate and Golden Gate Estates areas.

On Monday, the county sheriff’s office will kick off a specialized enforcement initiative in those areas.

The crackdown will begin at 6:15 a.m. each day next week, with deputies in marked patrol vehicles conducting the stops.

Sgt. Chris Gonzalez said similar initiatives have been successful.

“In the past, when we have provided similar special enforcement for the school district, it has appeared that our increased focus on this violation helped tremendously,” Gonzalez said. “Our vision is of having every citizen make a personal commitment to drive safely. ... Decreasing fatalities and injury crashes is everyone’s responsibility.”

The fine for illegally passing a stopped school bus in Collier County is $268.

As previously reported, a similar effort to cut down on stop-arm running took place across New York state on Thursday.


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  • Dan Luttrell

     | about 8 years ago

    I was just down in Florida visiting family and was surprised by how bad people tail-gate. It doesn't surprise me that these impatient people run school bus stop-arms. Try driving down highway 19. There were wrecks all up and down highway 19. Yet the stop-arm runners are not just in Florida, they are everywhere. It appears that any law enforcement officer could write tickets one right after the other. Their communities could use the extra income and all they need to do is write their tickets. You stop stop-arm runners with police on the bus with their two way radios radioing other mobile units descriptions of the vehicle so the ground units can nail them. Some school buses have the newer high-tech camera systems that actually allows a camera at the stop arm area to video tape the offenders of the stop-arm laws. So call your local Law Enforcement Officials and State Senators and ask that the police heavily enforce the stop-arm laws. Laws that are on the books already should be no problem for local Prosecutors to prosecute offenders in Court. As for the small fine - what does that say the price of a student's life is worth? Not much of a fine. Contact your State Legislators and have the fines increased and enforced. You may then see the stop-arm laws enforced less because people will then respect having points off license and paying fine and Court cost. Children are worth more than what most fines demonstrate.

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