Shooting on board Philly school bus possibly result of bullying

Posted on November 13, 2009

PHILADELPHIA — On Nov. 6, a teenager shot and critically wounded another student on a school bus headed to a high school for troubled students, police said.

According to a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer, law enforcement sources said the gunman may have retaliated for an earlier incident of bullying.

Police later arrested the 15-year-old suspect with a .25-caliber handgun. The 17-year-old victim suffered a head wound that left him in critical but stable condition.

The gunfire erupted in the back of the bus around 8 a.m. The shooter shoved a gun in the driver's face and jumped off the bus through the front door, officials said.

About a dozen students were on the bus when the shooting occurred, and half of them had left and walked to school by the time police arrived, officials said.

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  •  | about 9 years ago

    Bullying has always been a problem in any school. There has to be more to this student's actions by seeking out and locating a hand gun and then following through with his plan to shoot another student. Hopefully there will be serious follow up by school officials by investigating to see if there were prior reporting procedures in place that red flag bullying reports. It does no good to just drive kids to and from school and ignor bullying. Was there camera recording equipment installed on board the bus? Maybe with school routes for troubled students there needs to be another person on board with the driver. Keep students in designated seats well apart from one another. You can't make a policy that will keep a student from attacking another one if they really want to hurt or kill each other. Once it reaches this stage it is way too late. None of us knows what these kids home life is and how they treat eachother when no one else is around. The schools are helpless when violence is what the kids choose. Well, can schools begin to just not allow violent students to attend school anymore? Why should a public school have to allow violent children in school once they have reached this level? There use to be Department of Corrections Boys and Girls Schools. It looks as though some more stimilus money for jobs could be used to build such schools for boys and girls if they are headed for prison anyway. It is a hard world today. Society can't save everyone who doesn't want to be saved. Help the school kids that want to learn and deserve to be protected from the ones who just don't care to learn anymore. There is no good choice for those that made bad choices to shoot fellow students. Anyone else have any good ideas?

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