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Cover Story - October 2011 2011

How to position and use bus mirrors

By: Kelly Roher

Officials say the most important component of this effort is complying with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 111, which sets forth field-of-vision requirements. They also provide tips on establishing the danger zone around a bus so it is visible in the mirrors, and they discuss proper mirror adjustment.

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An extra eye in the bus

Footage from surveillance cameras can exonerate bus drivers who are falsely accused; on the other hand, it can help in correcting a driver or aide who may not be following proper procedures.

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a genetic disorder that is commonly called “brittle bone disease.” Fernando, a student with Type III OI, prefers his walker slightly shorter than his therapist does.

Specific Special-Needs Evacuations: OI

Students with osteogenesis imperfecta have bones that break easily. In spite of the urgency of a school bus evacuation, these passengers must be moved slowly and carefully.

The 2009 Maryland Driver Instructor Conference had a pirate theme: “Navigating the High Seas of Transportation.”

Getting the most out of in-service training

Theories on adult learning suggest that for it to be effective, educators must gain buy-in from the adults, get them involved in the topic and keep presentations fresh. Creating a theme for instructional sessions, a technique that can easily be applied to training for pupil transporters, helps to achieve buy-in and involvement.


NAPT News & Views — The federal fuel economy mandate

President Obama recently announced he was ordering the creation of a new national policy that would result in less greenhouse gas pollution from medium- and heavy-duty trucks for the first time. It seems to me the linchpin of long-term success here is simple: Companies still have to meet customer demands at an affordable price.


Driver’s Alert Smart Risk

Driver’s Alert Smart Risk integrates driver behavior identification, online training, web-based reporting and fleet benchmarking, and is now available with GPS.

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