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Cover Story - August 2011 2011

Managing Student Behavior Improves Onboard Safety

By: Kelly Roher

Pupil transporters discuss practices they have established toward this effort, such as assigned seating. They also address the importance of creating policies on eating and drinking and transporting backpacks and instruments, as well as ways to reduce noise inside the bus.

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LEDs Offer an Array of Advantages

Suppliers of light-emitting diode (LED) systems say they provide greater longevity, visibility and efficiency. Here, we provide details on some of the latest LED units for school buses.

After becoming director of transportation for Litchfield Elementary School District #79, Jeff Walker restructured the department to createefficiencies and increase employee morale.

Case study: Revamping a transportation department

A year ago, Jeff Walker became transportation director at Litchfield Elementary School District #79 in Phoenix. The department has since cut costs, reduced the number of student disciplinary incidents on its buses and improved its safety record.


Time to Update Your Route Hazards Inventory?

As evidenced by the infamous Fox River Grove crash, documenting school bus route hazards is critical. Detailed, accurate route descriptions are essential, and drivers must be involved in the documenting process.


CR-2 roof-mount condenser unit

American Cooling Technology (ACT) recently released its new high-performing, low profile CR-2 roof-mount condenser unit, designed to minimize the weight placed on the roof of a bus as well as reduce overall height.


KAR 250/350 Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

The KAR 250/350 Heavy Duty Scissor Lift can accommodate vehicles weighing up to 118,000 pounds. Designed as a vertical lift with scissors located at the end of each runway, it allows for maximum workshop space and easy access.


Solid-State Contactors

InPower’s second generation solid-state, high-current contactors with over-current shutdown protections are available in continuous current ratings of 100, 150 and 200 amps.


EFX60 Heavy-Duty Inground Scissor Lift

Rotary Lift’s EFX60 new heavy-duty inground scissor lift has an infinite adapter adjustment range, enabling technicians to precisely position adapters where they’re needed for proper lifting.


Animal Signs

The Route ChangerXL Slide-In Sign Combination Sign assists in transporting young passengers. Coordinating Animal Sign products easily slide in and out of the sign, and the route number can be changed quickly.


Upgraded OnlineAVL2 Fleet Tracking System

Field reporting capabilities have been added to the OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking system, enabling employees to complete pre-populated electronic forms from vehicles on job sites instead of filling out reports by hand or on a PC.


SB-RAC Automatic Tire Inflation System

The SB-RAC automatic tire inflation system keeps rear dual tires inflated to their standard pressure. The system inflates tires automatically if pressure drops one psi below the fleet’s designated standard tire pressure.

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