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November 2010 Issue

The Roots and Results of School Bus Lawsuits

By Thomas McMahon

Litigation can have far-reaching effects throughout the pupil transportation industry — from school districts to contractors to manufacturers. Here, we examine issues that can lead to lawsuits, how legal costs impact bus prices and how to reduce the risk of ending up in court.


Hood Discusses NASDPTS Term, Issues Ahead

Outgoing NASDPTS president Charlie Hood reflects on the past two years in pupil transportation and discusses the issues that lie ahead.

10 More Ways to Bolster Safety

Pupil transportation officials share tips on bus stop safety, pre-trip inspections, emergency communications and more in this sequel to the August issue feature.

Many Faces Welcome Behind the Wheel

An innovative program helps immigrants in northern Virginia work toward becoming bus drivers for Fairfax County Public Schools. Top-tier applicants to the program receive 16 weeks of instruction to strengthen their English speaking skills and prepare them for the commercial driver’s license test.

Bullying is unacceptable

In the wake of a highly publicized incident on a school bus in September, the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) issued a white paper on bullying. It is excerpted here.

15 Fascinating Personalities 2010

This edition of SBF’s Fascinating Personalities series focuses on suppliers to the school transportation industry. Find out who is the longest active member of NAPT, who has climbed the Mexican pyramids in Cozumel, who plays hockey every week and who has a background as a U.S. Army Ranger.

Expert Dispatchers Strengthen the Team

Dispatchers impact all aspects of the transportation department, from day-to-day operations to public relations to employee morale. Sharpening their skills will improve operations as a whole.


Taking on a tough topic

No transportation system is perfect — there will always be some degree of risk and, therefore, the potential for litigation.

Out of the mouths of babes

SBF Executive Editor Thomas McMahon shares amusing and heartfelt excerpts from essays submitted by students for Thomas Built Buses' Children's Choice School Bus Driver of the Year essay contest.

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