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August 2010 Issue

20 Ways to Bolster Safety

By Tom McMahon, Claire Atkinson and Kelly Roher

From loading procedures to proper footwear to student discipline, pupil transportation professionals share their tips for reducing risks on and off the bus.

Fire Suppression Systems Protect Assets, Save Lives

Manufacturers of fire suppression systems for school buses provide product details and discuss the benefits of installation.

Why Miles Matter

A veteran transportation director discusses the importance of reducing fuel use — and how to make it happen.


We couldn’t do it without you

You’re dedicated to the safe transportation of students, first and foremost. But your dedication also continues to spill over to our magazine.

The school bus industry spoke ... and DOT Secretary LaHood responded

Together, the full-court press on DOT bore fruit, and pupil transportation is now going to get some overdue attention.

How school transportation has affected my life

Many parents either do not have the time to bring their children to school or they do not have the option. My parents were never able to bring me to school because they did not want to.

Don't dismiss this idea

What else can be done to protect students from stop-arm runners? There’s one approach that, despite its long record of effectiveness, is only required in one state.

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