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Cover Story - July 2010 2010

Why Won’t They Come to Work?

By: Randy Mazie

In these tough economic times, most school bus drivers consistently show up for work — but some still don’t. After monetary incentives failed to tackle absenteeism, one district learned that some employees need another kind of support.

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Thriving on competition

All who compete or otherwise get involved in these vital events are to be commended for their part in advancing pupil transportation.

“We cannot let teachers be laid off and have education programs cut while there is real money to save here,” says Denis Gallagher, chairman and CEO of Student Transportation Inc.

School Bus Contractor Has a Plan

Student Transportation Inc. head Denis Gallagher discusses his “Education Stimulus Plan,” which he says gives districts an immediate cash benefit. He also talks about the company’s recent name change and its growth.


Torque Master II Model 10007

The Torque Master II Model 10007 is a drive torque wrench that improves accuracy by reducing the possibility of over/under torquing.


Urine Off

Urine Off features synergistic enzymes that work in conjunction with specially adapted microorganisms (bacteria) that “eat” uric acid to completely eliminate all traces of urine from a surface.


Bar's Leaks Heavy Duty Radiator Stop Leak

Bar’s Leaks Heavy Duty Radiator Stop Leak is designed to solve most common cooling system problems, sealing internal, external and coolant-to-oil leaks in radiators, freeze plugs, gaskets, heads, blocks and heater cores.


Oil Eater Parts Cleaner

The Oil Eater 45-gallon, water-based parts cleaner features a thermostat preset to deliver a cleaning temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which enhances the Oil Eater Cleaner-Degreaser solution’s effectiveness.


Recycling Cabinets

Shure’s new recycling cabinets feature a stainless steel top with a 12-inch hole for recyclable materials. A 40-gallon plastic recycling receptacle can be ordered separately.


vMax Live

vMax Live provides access to real-time vehicle information through a Web-based system that fleet managers can access anywhere.

The new Tyler Telematic GPS system leverages Tyler’s Versatrans Onscreen and Powercheck software with GPS hardware (pictured) through Geotab.

Tyler Telematic GPS

Tyler Telematic GPS uses GPS technology integrated with Tyler’s school solutions to provide insight into transportation data.

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