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Cover Story - April 2010 2010

3 Steps to Weapons Incident Prevention

By: Kelly Roher

Keeping weapons off of a school bus or defusing the situation if they are brought on board requires ensuring that drivers are in tune with the students they transport, offering a comprehensive training program, and establishing specific policies and procedures for drivers to follow.

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Crime and punishment

In the February issue, Executive Editor Thomas McMahon described an incident in which a school bus driver was charged with illegally passing another school bus. He asked readers to tell us how they would respond to such an incident at their operation, and what offenses lead to immediate termination.


Enhancing Fire and Smoke Protection

If a bus catches fire, it can spread quickly. Ohio-based SAS Rubber Co. offers door edges, window and escape-hatch gaskets, and other parts that meet stringent flame and smoke specifications for transit vehicles.


Emergency Response Tips for School Bus Drivers

Drivers can help fire and medical services personnel and enhance the safety of their passengers during accidents or other serious incidents by being certified in CPR and first aid. Knowing when a bus evacuation is necessary and establishing a system for identifying the students on the bus are also important.


Always on the lookout

Although the bombing failed, it brings back to the spotlight the fact that terrorists are seeking to carry out attacks on U.S. soil.


How to Beef Up Bus Lot Security

After finding that many school bus yards are lacking preventive measures, a security expert details ways to deter would-be vandals and terrorists, from barbed-wired fencing to automated lighting to surveillance systems.


Two-Post Vehicle Lifts

Mohawk’s two-post, side-by-side vehicle lifts are available in capacities of 7,000 to 30,000 lbs. As a new feature, Mohawk now offers swing arm lifting pads that attach to the swing arm of the lift.


Tracerline Marksman

The Tracerline Marksman ultrasonic diagnostic tool converts inaudible sound into audible, natural sound, allowing technicians to hear such problems as vehicle component leaks and wear.


SureStart Low Voltage Disconnect Switch

The SureStart Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Switch 48513 and the LVD Switch 48510 sense battery voltage and conserve starting power by disconnecting non-critical loads.

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