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February 2009 Issue

Who Are You Again?

By Michael Dallessandro

Learning students’ names is essential to establishing a safe bus environment, and it will enhance their ride to and from school. Creating a seating chart and a student roster are just two ways that bus drivers and aides can accomplish this task.

California District's Transportation Staff Embraces Change
The 29 employees in Westminster (Calif.) School District’s (WSD) transportation department possess an inherent understanding of what it takes to t...
Tax Planning for School Bus Contractors: 2008 and Beyond
School bus contractors are facing higher fuel costs, increasing vehicle prices coupled with forthcoming higher emission control standards, and sho...
Q&A: An Appealing Option in Tough Times

Tightening budgets have led many school districts to cut transportation costs through such undesirable actions as eliminating school bus routes, i...

Wheelchair Lifts Boast High-Tech Innovations
Today’s wheelchair lift manufacturers are in tune with pupil transporters’ mission to ensure the safety of students, particularly if the children...
Small Buses Take On Tough Terrain
With about 1,500 square miles of mostly rural area to cover, West County Transportation Agency (WCTA) school buses regularly venture off paved stre...


Can you spare some change?

Change is in the air in Washington, as you may have read in the

NAPT News & Views — The Washington scene: change in the air

To say that “change” is now the en vogue buzzword in Washington, D.C., would be the understatement of the millennium!

An unforgettable night
Throughout my time covering the bus industry, this may be the most troubling thing I’ve come across:

“[The bus matron] told police she knew Ri...

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