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8 Great Fleets in 2008
January 1, 2008

Family vision continues as bus company grows

Birnie Bus Service, Rome, N.Y.

It’s already been a long road for Tim Birnie, ow...

How to Publish an Effective Department Newsletter
February 1, 2007

Department newsletters can help to disseminate information, spotlight positive achievements and build morale. Keys to a successful newsletter include proper planning, content development and consistency.

Giant Challenges for Giant Fleets
November 1, 2006

Managing a large school bus fleet presents special challenges. What are those challenges and how are they handled? Transportation directors at giant fleets provide their insights.

How Small Operations Conquer Big Challenges
April 1, 2006

The challenges some smaller operations face can mirror those of larger operations. However, dealing with difficult routing scenarios, attendance issues or the expense of training materials for just a handful of drivers makes a huge difference.

Promoting the Good Work of Your Drivers
March 1, 2006

Parents and school administrators, among others, should know of the many success stories involving school bus drivers. Working with public information officers, distributing newsletters and nominating drivers for awards are great ways to grow awareness.

Great Fleets Across America (Part I)
October 1, 2005

Divided by Water, United by Bus

Brevard County Public Schools

How to Raise the Spirits of Your Staff
August 1, 2005

A drop in morale at your operation can have negative consequences, affecting your entire staff and the students you transport. Fixing the problems tha...

75 Great Ways to Improve Your Operation (Part V)
October 1, 2004

61. Seek consultation

As any transportation director knows, time management and organization are critical challenges facing a school distric...

75 Great Ways to Improve Your Operation (Part IV)
October 1, 2004

46. Be specific with bus bids

Time spent before a bus enters your fleet can be well worth it. In our school system, we have to award bus bid...

75 Great Ways to Improve Your Operation (Part III)
October 1, 2004

31. Get a library card

Having trouble finding service manuals for older-model buses? Fear not. Most dealerships keep comprehensive service l...

75 Great Ways to Improve Your Operation (Part II)
October 1, 2004

16. Explain diesel fumes to parents

Over the past few years, several diesel exhaust studies have created fears about the possible hazards of...

75 Great Ways to Improve Your Operation (Part I)
October 1, 2004

1. Give subs their fair share

Like many other school bus operations nationwide, Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista, Calif....

Disappearing Act
June 1, 2004

Driver absenteeism can make a transportation manager’s life miserable. When drivers do not come to work, a dark veil is cast over the entire departmen...

Hot Topics in Driver Training
March 1, 2004

As you may have noticed, school bus driver training is constantly changing. With the passing years come new issues for drivers that need to be address...

Enhance Employee Retention with Driver Rewards
September 1, 2001

School districts and contract bus companies are often looking for ways to support and motivate their transportation supervisors and managers. Encourag...

Great Fleets think alike when it comes to morale
October 1, 2000

How important are teamwork and a “family atmosphere” in the bus yard?

Learn to Predict and Prevent Bus Yard Violence
September 1, 2000

Experts recommend taking threats seriously, recognizing changes in employee mood and behavior and learning to deal with difficult personality types.

How to Tune Up Your Driver-Mechanic Relations
September 1, 2000

Effective communication between drivers and mechanics can be fostered by teaching drivers the basics of bus maintenance and educating mechanics on the stresses of driving a bus.

6 Ways to Open the Lines of Communication
August 1, 2000

Go beyond an ‘open door policy’ by seeking out your staff, listening to them, respecting their styles and sharing key information.

Motivate Your Staff, Without Breaking the Bank
April 1, 2000

Small rewards, even Tootsie Rolls, and interest in their personal growth can encourage employees to give their best effort.

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