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Board proposes 60-percent school bus fee increase
May 5, 2011
The Calgary Board of Education's proposal addresses an $8.8 million gap between transportation costs and funding, as well as a 10-percent increase in fuel costs. A board member says they will consider eliminating bus routes and a position in transportation to minimize the fees.
District to eliminate more than 100 bus stops
April 19, 2011
Officials at North Attleboro (Mass.) Public Schools say they will cut the bus stops in September, which will save $47,000 annually. The stops being considered for elimination fall outside of the district's current transportation guidelines, which surpass Massachusetts' busing requirements.
New York districts challenge mandated laws, regulations
April 18, 2011
Officials at school systems around the state point to the costliness of the mandates, which include providing busing and other aid to children attending private schools as a benefit to those taxpayers. In response to officials’ complaints, Gov. Andrew Cuomo convened a statewide mandate-relief committee, and the Board of Regents has identified laws it considers outdated.
District to save $10M with school bell time changes
April 13, 2011
Officials at Clark County School District in Las Vegas say the changes, which were made in response to $411 million in proposed budget cuts, will also increase bus routing efficiency. As part of the restructuring, approximately 200 routes will be eliminated.
NAPT News & Views
April 7, 2011

It’s what we do today and tomorrow that contributes to preventing future accidents. Tight budget situations are not a reason to retreat but to become even more engaged in the conversation locally and nationally about why yellow bus transportation is vital to learning.

Washington association voices concern over proposed transportation changes
March 30, 2011
Gov. Chris Gregoire wants to remove funding for the state’s five regional transportation coordinators and use the state’s Transportation Vehicle Fund to support a new funding formula. Washington Association for Pupil Transportation President Tom Culliton discusses with SBF the effect the proposals would have and what the association has done to spread the word about them.
Hawaii DOE considers cutting school bus services
March 24, 2011
Eliminating the service on Oahu is one of several options that the state's Department of Education has proposed in the wake of a draft budget approved by the House last week that would reduce the department's funding request by $55 million in both fiscal years 2012 and 2013.
Governor proposes merging school districts
March 8, 2011
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says in his 2012 budget address that "our fiscal reality demands consolidation" among the state's school districts. Also, cuts are planned to state transportation funding for districts.
North Carolina districts could pay more transportation-related costs
March 1, 2011
Under her proposed 2012 budget, Gov. Beverly Perdue wants to eliminate the $57 million the state would spend on replacing school buses. She also wants local governments to pick up the costs for workers’ compensation claims for drivers, which are estimated at $35 million statewide.
Delaware governor proposes changes to pupil transportation funding
February 24, 2011
In his recommended fiscal year 2012 budget, Gov. Jack Markell calls for school districts to cover 10 percent of their bus route reimbursement costs. The new plan would also prevent districts from asking voters to approve increased taxes to cover transportation costs.
Governor urges lawmakers to consider privatizing school buses
January 20, 2011
Gov. Nikki Haley, in her first State of the State address, asks South Carolina lawmakers to privatize the state's school bus system. She says doing so could save the state money and provide students with newer buses.
District board votes to end school bus service
January 20, 2011
The board president for the Colorado district says that the district can’t afford to pay for the service since it receives $600,000 from the state for transportation but has a $3.6 million budget. Bus service would stop with the 2011-12 school year.
Missouri districts to receive $7.5M for school transportation
January 18, 2011
The additional funding was made possible because revenue collections have been better than anticipated, according to the state's budget director. The funding will help school districts offset rising fuel costs while grappling with budget cuts.
Missouri governor may reduce funding for bus service
January 5, 2011
As one school district eliminates service for several hundred students due to a substantial cut in the amount of state aid for school buses and transportation this school year, Gov. Jay Nixon says that under his proposed 2011 budget, funding for buses and transportation is on a “watch list” for potential budget cuts.
District combats budget woes by providing transportation for marathon
January 4, 2011
Employees of the Vail Unified School District participate in a local marathon, and the district is asked to provide transportation for the event's runners. Vail's transportation supervisor discusses with SBF how the district has now participated in two marathons and raised $16,000 for its transportation department.
Missouri school district acquires lot for new district-operated fleet
January 4, 2011
The district's board of education purchases the lot, which includes an office and maintenance facility, from its contractor. School officials believe that having a district-operated fleet will save money in anticipation of major budget cuts; the district also switches to a three-tier bus system to further cut costs.
Bus drivers show dedication despite district’s budget woes
November 11, 2010
Transportation services ran as scheduled for students at a Virginia district on Wednesday, confuting media reports that there would be a bus driver “sick out” due to the lack of pay raises over the last three years. The district is working on proposals to provide some financial relief for employees.
Efforts to restore cuts to school bus transportation fail
October 22, 2010
A citizen petition to reinstate transportation for students in Framingham, Mass., who live within two miles of their schools fails 89 to 40 by a ballot vote at a special town meeting. The chairwoman of a committee that opposed the petition says the town needs to focus on cutting costs.
District cuts $9 million in transportation services
September 7, 2010
State budget reductions force Los Angeles Unified School District to make changes that will affect 53,000 students. Pickup sites are being reassigned.
Shuttle stop system could save $3.5 million
August 26, 2010
Under the new plan at Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.) Schools, students attending magnet middle and high schools are picked up and dropped off by the district’s school buses at designated shuttle sites.

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