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<p>December 1977</p> PHOTOS: Vintage ads from the SBF archives, Part 4

Take a trip back to another era of pupil transportation with these classic ads from past issues...

<p>Keynote speaker Mark Aesch set the tone at School Bus Xchange (SBX) by encouraging attendees to identify the outputs of success for their operations. The event was held April 6-8 near Dallas.</p> PHOTOS: Highlights from School Bus Xchange

Here’s a look at the speakers, roundtables and other activities at the debut School Bus...

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Could cameras replace mirrors on school buses?

While doing blind spot training with a driver, Donald West came up with the idea of removing mirrors and replacing them with cameras and LCD screens to potentially see the entire danger zone of a school bus.

School buses play a key position in athletics

With running having become a lifelong pursuit for me, I recently found myself once again riding a school bus to an important race, just like in high school. On April 20, I ran in the Boston Marathon for the first time. ...


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Wheelchair retractor

The Titan800, a new wheelchair securement retractor in the existing Titan product line, is designed to meet the latest WC18 industry regulations, which take effect December 2015, company officials said. While the retractor has been completely redesigned, it has familiar highlights, including an auto-tensioning feature that helps webbing automatically retract into the housing and stay off the floor; a positive locking indicator for L-track applications that gives operators quick visual confirmation that the retractor fitting is safely locked into the vehicle anchor system; and a J-hook configuration that enables swift securement with one hand.
When used with a complete Sure-Lok system composed of wheelchair tie-downs, an occupant restraint system (including a lap-and-shoulder belt), and track and anchorages, the Titan800 meets the requirements of the RESNA WC18 standard and is compatible with WC19 wheelchairs, company officials said.

Rooftop air-conditioning units

Trans/Air’s new TA-20 Rooftop product line features rooftop units characterized by powerful cooling capacity as well as a distinctive aerodynamic design, according to the supplier. Rated at 34K Btu/hr, the TA-20 product line is suitable for a variety of applications, including Type A school buses, small commercial buses and work vans, company officials said. The rooftop units feature an aluminum body encased by UV-protected ABS acrylic cover and evaporator blowers oriented to support center aisle ducting or freeblow air distribution with maximum air flow. The TA-20 can be configured as a tie-in or super system and is available with optional heat and electronic controls.

Drawer handle cover

Lista’s new aluminum anodized drawer handle cover for the Lista toolbox features an anodized finish that stands up to harsh environments and applications and a smooth shape that is easy to clean, company officials said.  Additionally, the company offers three finish options: brushed silver, gloss black or chrome. The drawers feature 440-lb. capacity, a suspension system that offers fatigue resistance, low wear and low friction, and slots placed at 0.67-inch intervals for optimum drawer subdividing flexibility, according to the supplier.

Tire pressure management system

The On Board Tire Inflation System (OBTIS) is designed to maintain tire pressure through a control unit and network of air lines, resulting in significant fuel savings, safer driving conditions, and reduced tire maintenance time and costs. In case of loss of pressure in the OBTIS network, the control unit sets off an audible/visible alarm warning the driver of leakage in the tires. Then, the driver pulls the valve on the controller and air begins to flow to the tire, compensating for the leak, allowing the driver to continue to a safe stopping place, company officials said. The OBTIS unit will keep proper tire pressure in all tires, providing even tire wear and maximizing tire life, decreasing the risk of tread separation or other tire failure, minimizing the risk of an accident, according to the supplier.

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