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<p>For his efforts to effect positive changes in school transportation throughout his career, <em>School Bus Fleet</em> <a href="" target="_blank">named Jim Beekman its 2014 Administrator of the Year</a>.</p> PHOTOS: School Bus Fleet’s 2014 Administrator of the Year

Here’s a pictorial overview of award winner Jim Beekman, with details on how he spearheaded...

<p>SWAT team members sweep a school bus after the <a href="" target="_blank">live-action event</a> that simulated a response to an active shooter.</p> PHOTOS: NAPT 2014 Summit highlights

Here’s a look at the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) Summit in Kansas...

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School bus snow globe makes surprise return at NAPT

Kim Hamilton went to the NAPT Summit on a mission to bring back valuable information and training opportunities for the members of the Oklahoma Association for Pupil Transportation, of which she is executive director. But she had one other task to attend to: bringing me a snow globe that I had won at the conference two years ago.

NAPT Summit inspires with powerful learning experiences

The conference was filled with inspiring and emotionally charged events. Two particular standouts that got people talking and stuck with me were the live action active shooter event and Capt. Scott O’Grady’s harrowing account of how he survived for six days after being shot down in enemy territory, which he shared on Veterans Day.


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Solar battery charger

PulseTech Products’ solar-powered solution continually charges, maintains and significantly extends the normal lifecycles of 12-volt and 24-volt batteries, company officials said. Multiple school systems and commercial fleet operators have partnered with PulseTech to install solar products designed for any 12-volt or 24-volt battery — available in several versions. A popular choice is the SP-5, which provides a full 5 watts of power in a compact, durable solar panel, according to the company. It offers clean, renewable energy for vehicles that are stored outside and unable to hook up to outlets. The SP-5 replaces the power loss from electrical accessories that occurs even when the ignition is turned off, and its patented Pulse Technology removes damaging sulfate crystals from the battery plates, company officials said.

Child-check safety kit

The Minnesota School Bus Operators Association (MSBOA) has developed a training tool to remind drivers to check their bus for sleeping children. MSBOA officials said that the Driver’s Child Check Safety Kit was designed to be a “constant reminder” for school bus drivers to do a complete post-trip inspection. The kit includes nine different posters to display in the drivers’ room. The posters feature slogans like “All Clear — No Kids Here” and “Children Need Protection! Do Your Post-Trip Inspection.” Also in the kit is a set of wristbands with a safety message for drivers to wear.


IC Bus selected the Delco Remy 28SI (200 amp) as its standard alternator. Other Delco Remy products — the 29MT and the 39MT — already hold the standard starter position. IC Bus customers will also have the benefit of a two-year/unlimited-mileage warranty for bus applications when a 28SI alternator is installed with a 29MT or 39MT starter.

Training program for downed power line practices

“Safe Practices for Downed Power Lines,” a new training program, instructs school bus drivers and students on what to do if power lines fall on their bus. The program was developed by the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) and the School Bus Safety Co. (SBSC). According to NAPT and SBSC, many times each year, school buses are involved in accidents involving power lines falling onto the bus.

SBSC and NAPT worked with experts from the power industry to create the new training for school bus drivers and students. Officials said that the new program informs both drivers and students what to do when a bus is involved with power lines and how to safely exit the bus if they have to when they are unsure whether the line is active or not.
The programs for drivers and for students combined are available from SBSC for $199 plus shipping costs. A discounted price of $125 plus shipping is available to NAPT members.

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