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<p>Scott Burrows told NAPT and NASDPTS members about the car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down and how he worked hard to regain use of his limbs. &ldquo;You can choose to be bitter, or you can choose to be better,&rdquo; he said.</p> PHOTOS: Stimulating speakers, surprises at the Richmond conferences

A headline-grabbing statement on seat belts, a man who overcame great odds by learning to walk...

<p>In this striking shot, John Horton captured a lineup of school buses and their reflection under an ominous sky.</p> PHOTOS: A veteran driver’s innovative school bus shots

With longtime School Bus Fleet contributor John Horton

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School bus driver training and phone use policies: Is clarification needed?

It seems that pretty much everyone understands how dangerous it is to text while behind the wheel. But is there confusion among some drivers about forbidden phone use beyond texting, and is more specific training needed?

Missed NAPT? Read our recaps

More than any other time in recent memory, this year's National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) Summit proved to be the place for the biggest news in the school bus industry.


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Dipstick adapter repair kit

Strictly Diesel offers a repair kit that can address dipstick adapter leaks on International T444E engines, according to the company.

Strictly Diesel officials said that the dipstick adapter repair kit can fix those types of leaks even when the interior piece has been warped from being overtightened.

While Strictly Diesel is a light duty diesel shop, it can supply the dipstick adapter repair kit to school bus shops that service T444E engines.

The repair kit eliminates the stock dipstick adapter, replacing it with a new machined aluminum adapter that features a double O-ring seal on the outside of the oil pan. The kit can be installed with the oil pan still on the engine, and the engine still in the vehicle.

Vibration sensor

The Vehicle Inertia Monitor (VIM) is a new dual mode advanced J1939 CAN-bus vibration analyzer and vehicle attitude sensor for heavy duty vehicle prognostics and performance monitoring.

The VIM vibration mode helps maintenance engineers plot equipment performance over time to characterize normal operating metrics. It captures and highlights subtle changes in vibration through use of high resolution sub-Hz analysis via multi-rate signal processing. This provides indicators pointing towards degradation in equipment performance. Subsequently, preventive maintenance can be performed to improve efficiency and avoid system failure replacement costs.

In addition to vehicle and engine maintenance prognostics, common VIM applications include road grade and pitch profiling; brake life estimation; gearbox vibration monitoring; and fleet management analytics.

School bus Wi-Fi solution

Radio Engineering Industries (REI) now offers various data plans with the purchase of its mobile cellular Wi-Fi router for school buses.

REI’s cellular Wi-Fi router distributes bandwidth for up to 65 passengers, enabling them to access the Internet on their laptops, tablets or other handheld devices. For online safety and security, school districts can set up website blocking and password log-ins.

The cellular plans offered by REI are with prominent cellular carriers, company officials said. A school district can choose a plan based on amount of bandwidth and budgetary needs.

In-vehicle video system

GreenRoad Technologies has introduced an in-vehicle video system that records dangerous or noteworthy events, on the road and in the vehicle, as they happen.

The GreenRoad video solution can associate captured footage with driving behavior data for individual safety events, providing information about how external and behavioral factors contributed to the outcome, company officials said. The integrated data is designed to give drivers and managers insight into root causes of risky driving, and to help them develop strategies for safer behavior in similar situations.

In-vehicle video solution footage also provides concrete evidence that can protect drivers and fleet-operating businesses from fraudulent claims in the event of no-fault incidents or incidents caused by third parties or external factors, according to the company.

The in-vehicle video solution is fully integrated into the GreenRoad driver behavior event detection mechanism. An uninterrupted live feed, streamed via mobile connectivity, is available for viewing in GreenRoad Central, the customer’s web portal. In addition, video recordings that immediately precede and follow any risky driving event are stored for reference.

Safety events for which recordings are saved include braking, acceleration, corner handling, lane handling and speeding. GreenRoad associates stored recordings with the safety events that triggered them.

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VIDEO: Texas district’s school bus safety procedures

Matthew, the “School Bus Safety Kid,” teaches his fellow students how to ride the yellow bus properly and safely in this video from Mesquite Independent School District.

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