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October 06, 2008  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

Q’Straint unveils automated wheelchair securement system


SAN DIEGO — Q’Straint unveiled the first automatic universal wheelchair securement system for city transport and rail applications at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Annual Meeting and Conference, which is being held here this week.

The new system, known as the QTT-100, is able to secure virtually all wheelchairs and does not need any direct external assistance to operate — avoiding the need for the passenger to be accompanied, or for personal intervention by the bus driver or rail guard.

The system is designed to reduce or eliminate wheelchair tipping, minimizing accident liability. It also allows bus drivers or rail guards to concentrate on normal duties without leaving their positions, as the driver or guard simply needs to press a switch to activate or deactivate the system. Lastly, it gives wheelchair passengers greater accessibility and freedom. The system will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other regulations, according to a statement from Q’Straint.

The QTT-100 uses pneumatic power arms to engage the wheelchair, with the wheelchair passenger facing the rear of the bus or train during travel. The system is remotely activated by the driver or train guard from his or her seat. Once in position, the wheelchair passenger presses a button to secure the wheelchair. Upon arriving at the wheelchair passenger’s destination, the passenger presses the same button to release the power arms and the system is deactivated by the driver or train guard.

A concept prototype is on display at the APTA event, with the production model scheduled for release in late 2009, according to Q'Straint officials.


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