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Articles/News - Special Needs Transportation

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11 Special-Needs Driver Team Mistakes and Their Remedies
September 1, 2003

The school bus driver is the leader of the special-needs driver team and, as such, has many responsibilities to fulfill for a successful and safe rout...

Take nothing in life for granted
August 1, 2003

We have all heard a million catch phrases accentuating the day-to-day activities that make us similar as human beings. “She ties her shoelaces the sam...

Riding with Jordan: A Day in the Life of a Fragile Student
August 1, 2003

7:40 a.m.: The pickup
On a quiet, residential street in Torrance, Calif., on a cool June morning, a Laidlaw school bus rolls up in fron...

Fire and ice: Transporting students with liquid oxygen
June 1, 2003

Are school transportation officials taking appropriate precautions when transporting oxygen? The Maryland State Department of Education publishes guid...

IEPs, Regulatory Issues Pervade Special-Needs Show
April 1, 2003

Approximately 550 special-education experts and transportation personnel traveled to Indianapolis for the 12th Annual National Conference and Exhibiti...

Fetal alcohol syndrome: Norman's struggle
March 1, 2003

Standing alone, his back pressed against the school wall, Norman hides in the protection of his high-collared coat. His gaze is fixed on infinity. As ...

Building Driver-Assistant Partnerships on the Special-Needs Bus
February 1, 2003

In school transportation, namely with special-needs students, stress management is dealing calmly and effectively with common situations such as tight...

High costs, yes, but valuable returns, too
February 1, 2003

Shortly after I joined the staff of SCHOOL BUS FLEET more than eight years ago, I visited a school bus contractor here in Southern California and rode...

Are Your Drivers and Attendants Prepared for a Bus Fire?
November 1, 2002

It's good that the pupil transportation industry is blowing its horn lately, focusing on the relative safety of the school bus over other modes of tra...

Understanding autistic behaviors: Kent's story
November 1, 2002

Untitled Document

9 steps toward managing the behavior of ADHD kids
September 1, 2002

The following tips for dealing with students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) were provided by Linda Classen, consultant on ADHD f...

Managing Violent Special-Needs Students
August 1, 2002

In a small rural town in Iowa, 10-year-old Josh, who has autism, rode the bus to school each morning. After picking him up, the driver would go about ...

How to Become Captain of a Winning IEP Team
August 1, 2002

As a related service provider who attends IEP meetings regularly, I am amazed that I am often the person responsible for leading the team in its discu...

Writing an effective special-needs transportation manual
June 1, 2002

At one point or another in our professional lives we've all been handed an employee manual filled with regulatory code and overly complex explanations...

Carrying Medical Information on the Bus
April 1, 2002
There is no federal standard requiring student medical information on school buses, regardless of whether or not the buses transport students with spe...
Van-Related Deaths Raise Concerns
April 1, 2002
On March 23, a 15-passenger van transporting members of a track team from Missoula, Mont., swerved off an interstate highway and crashed into a tree. ...
Special-Needs Training Topics
April 1, 2002
Although it seems obvious, one of the best ways to determine the training needs of your special-needs drivers and aides is to simply ask them. Rather ...
Dealing With the Parental Grief Cycle
March 1, 2002
Drivers of special-need students are often taken on an emotional roller coaster with the parents of the students they transport. “There were days when...
Colorado Clamps Down on Vans
March 1, 2002
Beginning July 1, the Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool (CSDSIP) will stop adding new or used 15-passenger vans to its insurance coverage....
Special Handling for Students with Trachs
March 1, 2002
Located at the front of the neck, a tracheotomy (also called a stoma) is a surgical opening into the windpipe through which an artificial airway or tr...

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