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Articles/News - Special Needs Transportation

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Colorado Clamps Down on Vans
March 1, 2002
Beginning July 1, the Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool (CSDSIP) will stop adding new or used 15-passenger vans to its insurance coverage....
Special Handling for Students with Trachs
March 1, 2002
Located at the front of the neck, a tracheotomy (also called a stoma) is a surgical opening into the windpipe through which an artificial airway or tr...
Tranporting Medically Fragile or Technology-Assisted Students
March 1, 2002

Ray Turner, Ed.D., provided the pupil transportation community a valuable resource when he wrote “Transporting Medically Fragile or Technology-A...

Transporting All Students Equally
February 1, 2002
The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) plans to integrate approximately 35,000 disabled students into regular classes and bus routes by 2006 ...
L.A. Unified to Mainstream Special-Needs
February 1, 2002
In an overhaul slated to take until 2006, the Los Angeles Unified School District will begin integrating its 35,000 special-needs students into regula...
Transporting the Visually Impaired
February 1, 2002
When greeting a person with a severe loss of vision, always identify yourself and others who may be with you. For example: “On my right is the bus ass...
Loading Kids Who Use Walkers/Crutches
February 1, 2002
Loading procedure: 1. Student walks to base of bus steps. 2. Adult stands behind student and helps him or her maintain balance while ascending steps...
Send Drivers Into the Classroom
January 1, 2002

How can we better educate our staff in charge of transporting students with special needs? Most districts offer in-service training on characteristics...

Paying Parents for Transportation
January 1, 2002
When transportation is provided under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), it must be provided at no cost to a parent. Transportati...
Dealing with Hearing-Impaired Riders
December 1, 2001

Because ability levels range widely among students with hearing impairments, it is vital that drivers and assistants work with students and their teac...

Securing Special-Needs Equipment on the Bus
November 1, 2001

With the bulk of medical and therapeutic equipment student transporters are required to haul these days, it’s easy to feel like you are driving ...

Special-needs handbook digs beneath the surface
September 1, 2001

One can immediately tell from the size of the table of contents (24 pages) that Dr. Ray Turner had his work cut out for him when he wrote his "Special...

Special-needs institute paves new ground for Texas operators.
August 1, 2001

The inaugural two-day Summer Institute on Transporting Students with Disabilities was held June 7 and 8 at the Region IV Education Service Center (ESC...

Safe Transportation of Motorized Wheelchairs and Scooters
June 1, 2001

There is no doubt that motorized wheelchairs are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Some motorized wheelchairs have power tilt and power recline cap...

Keys to Proper Spec'ing of Wheelchair Lifts
June 1, 2001

With so many new types of wheelchairs on the market, spec'ing a wheelchair lift for a school bus has become a complex task.

Some help is availab...

How to Load and Secure Students in Wheelchairs
April 1, 2001

You have been notified by the special education department that a new student has moved into your county and that you will need to start transporting ...

Creating a Safe Transportation Team -- Lessons from the National Special-Needs Conference
April 1, 2001

The 10th National Conference and Exhibition on Transporting Students with Disabilities and the Preschool Population took place in Phoenix in early Mar...

Learning Through Competition at the Special-Needs Roadeo
April 1, 2001

Twenty-one teams gather in the parking lot of Metro Tech Vocational Institute in Phoenix on a chilly March morning during the National Conference on T...

Program coordinator brings nurses, transporters together
March 1, 2001

Janice Gentz, staff and program coordinator at the Center for Handicapped Children Inc. in Chautaugua, N.Y., recently spoke about special-needs transp...

Using Sight, Sound and Touch to Communicate with Special-Needs Students
February 1, 2001

As a school bus driver and transportation director, “Never put them on unless you know how to get them off!” became my repeated catchphras...

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