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Articles/News - Special Needs Transportation

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Bill seeks safeguards for diabetic students
February 1, 2008

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A bill in the state General Assembly contains provisions to protect students who have diabetes.

Under one provision, school dist...

Fine-Tuning Special-Needs Training Programs
November 1, 2007

The highest risk time for lift-bus collisions, employee or student injuries or other incidents is with new drivers. Drivers obtaining their CDLs are q...

Collins buys Corbeil assets
November 1, 2007

HUTCHINSON, Kan. — In a deal that promised to make North America’s largest producer of Type A school buses even larger, Collins Industries Inc. purcha...

Is it nature or nurture?
July 1, 2007

In his February editorial, SBF Editor Steve Hirano posed the following questions to readers: Are great special-needs bus drivers born, or can they ...

Special-needs pupil transporters go 'all out'
April 1, 2007

Over five days of conference sessions, three eight-hour companion programs and a roadeo, attendees of the 16th National Conference & Exhibition on Transporting Students with Disabilities & Preschoolers demonstrated that they are indeed “Going All Out!” (the event’s theme) in their jobs.

6 Roadeo Lessons for Special-Needs Transporters
February 1, 2007

Two lead judges of special-needs roadeos share insights drawn from past competitions. Emergency evacuation, in particular, is an area where lessons can be learned.

Home Visits Help to Maximize Parent Collaboration
February 1, 2007

Parents of children with disabilities can provide useful information about their children if we give them the opportunity. A home visit by transportation staff can initiate a productive partnership.

Turner's special-needs manual
February 1, 2007

“Special-Needs Transportation Best Practice” is designed to educate the transportation professional, but the underlying message that permeates its 794 pages is the need for transportation professionals to educate others as well.

That special feeling
February 1, 2007
More than 12 years ago, when I first started working at SCHOOL BUS FLEET, I went on a ride-along on a school bus transporting children with spe...
It's not just what you say, but how you say it
November 1, 2006

Many of us grew up in a time when we were taught to look away or turn a deaf ear when we encountered a person with a disability. Those days are over. With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the doors of communication have swung open and our society is learning to welcome people with disabilities into the mainstream as productive individuals.

Slips, trips and falls
August 1, 2006

Special-needs buses, especially those with wheelchair lifts, are high-risk environments for students because of the possibility of slips, trips and falls.

Appropriate touching on the special-needs bus
April 1, 2006

Any touching related to specific student handling requirements on the special-needs bus is appropriate and should be done in a timely manner.

Conference focuses on collaboration, communication
April 1, 2006

ORLANDO, Fla. — Warm weather and cool vibes helped usher in the 15th National Conference & Exhibition on Transporting Students with Disabilities and Preschoolers.

Group Harmony Keeps Operation in Sync With Community
February 1, 2006
Southeast Kansas Community Action Program (SEK-CAP), located in Girard, Kan., a hilly, rural city that sits due west of the Missouri border, transport...
Q&A: Managing the Behavior of Autistic Students on the School Bus
February 1, 2006
Autistic children have difficulty communicating their wants and needs to others, which puts the task of deciphering their complex behavior in the hand...
10 Behavior Management Strategies for Special-Needs Students
February 1, 2006
Behavior management on school buses transporting special-needs students can be a difficult proposition. Not only do drivers and attendants have to dea...
40-plus sessions slated for special-needs event
February 1, 2006

MCLEAN, Va. — This year’s Transporting Students With Disabilities and Preschoolers Conference and Exhibition, scheduled March 3-8 in Orlando, Fla., will feature more than 40 “best practices” sessions for transportation professionals.

Q&A: Invasive Procedures May Be Beyond Drivers' Scope
November 1, 2005

Navigating a school bus full of students is challenging enough as it is. Are drivers being subjected to undue stress when they are required to also perform some types of invasive actions on medically complex passengers? Should some procedures be left to a nurse or the IEP team?

Pop quiz: special needs guidelines
August 1, 2005

Following in the footsteps of the recent Shop Talk test (June/July issue, pg. 66), we present this quiz covering important medical conditions, acronym...

How to avoid air-conditioning failure on the special-needs bus
June 1, 2005
Air conditioning cools, circulates, cleans and dehumidifies the air. Driver team members can minimize special-needs students’ exposure to dehydration,...

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