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October 07, 2010  |   Comments (2)   |   Post a comment

Legal guide to special-needs transportation

A new book by Peggy A. Burns, Esq., and Lisa J. Hudson provides lessons learned from legal disputes.

Peggy Burns and Lisa Hudson’s new book provides lessons learned from legal disputes.

Peggy Burns and Lisa Hudson’s new book provides lessons learned from legal disputes.

How do you know when a decision you’ve made about transporting a student with special needs is legally defensible? And since, so often, you’re charged with implementing a decision made by an IEP team with little direction or information, what are your best approaches to a win-win solution that is safe and appropriate for the student, and avoids the distraction and cost of prolonged parent, state agency and court challenges?

There is support in a new book by Peggy A. Burns, Esq., and Lisa J. Hudson, titled Defensible Decisions about Transporting Students with Special Needs: Lessons Learned from Legal Disputes. The goals of the book, which was released by Education Compliance Group Inc., include preventing legal disputes and minimizing risks. Readers will see how safety, compliance and customer service can be reconciled when transporting students with special needs.

With nearly 350 pages and 16 chapters, Defensible Decisions can be a valuable guide for school district transportation professionals, bus contractors, special educators, and school and district administrators. This look back at key cases that will define the road ahead for special-needs transportation supports individualized decision-making, strategic planning and implementation, and effective training programs. The book includes:

•  Tips, strategies and methods to put in practice.
• An overview of each topic to provide a snapshot of the issues, a basic understanding of the legal framework and a fast look at the importance of the topic.
• Case summaries and rulings to give readers quick insights into the cases and to choose key issues for focus and further detail.
• Case details to serve as comparisons to readers’ own dilemmas, motivation of creative strategies for achieving compliance and true stories on which to base scenarios for training and in-services.

From appropriate method to discipline and behavior to length of ride to student information and transition services — and topics in between — Defensible Decisions focuses on the subjects that reach court dockets and state and federal agency agendas.

For more information and to order, call (888) 604-6141, visit or e-mail [email protected].

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yes, he had every right to be transported safely. There a new law that was just pass in 2009 by President O'bama for bulling. Also you need to get vertification from your child doctor that your son is add,adhd,or what ever elese behavior,or mental disorder that your son is suffing from and applied for a ppt,meeting with your son school. This meeting give you the right to seek special services for your son if your child fall under this category.If this group of education do not find your child to have these problems.or does not agree with your finding that your child suffer with add,adhd, and other problems, don't sweat it you have a license physican that does feel that he does have these problem the boad of education cannot debate the issue.

lydia    |    Dec 29, 2010 06:05 PM

i have been all over the web searching for an answer to my question . my son is emotionally impaired , adhd with depression and anxety disorders. he is on a reg. bus and bullied and chased home every day . i`ve asked the south lyon sch . dist. several times to start picking him up at home on a sp. bus . they wont . does my son have the right with all of his dx. to be picked up and dropped safly at home by sp. needs bussing ?

sheri    |    Oct 17, 2010 10:16 AM

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