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March 01, 1999  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

The ABCD's of a behavior intervention plan

by Nancy Tarvin

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Alternative Behaviors to Be Increased

Stay in seat for entire bus ride ____ out of ____ bus rides

Currently: ____out of ____ bus rides

Fasten seat belt at first request ____ out of ____ bus rides

Currently: ____ out of ____ bus rides

Comply with staff directions at first request ____ out of ____ times

Currently: ____ out of ____ bus rides

Refrain from using profanity and/or name-calling for entire bus ride ____out of ____ times

Currently: ____ out of ____ bus rides

Maintain low voice volume for entire bus ride ____ out of ____ bus rides

Currently: ____ out of ____ bus rides

Keeping hands to self for entire bus ride ____ out of ____bus rides

Currently: ____ out of ____ bus rides

Keep all body parts and/or objects inside the bus for entire bus ride ____ out of ____ bus rides

Currently: ____out of ____ bus rides

Intervention Strategies

  • Frequent reminder of rules
  • Assigned seating
  • Clearly defined limits and expectations of behavior
  • Avoid power struggles and negotiating of consequences
  • Set limits calmly, use neutral tone of voice
  • Be straightforward about inappropriate behavior
  • Give concrete examples of desired behavior
  • Be consistent o Provide choices rather than direct commands
  • Assist in conflict resolution with peers
  • Acknowledge appropriate behaviors
  • Private discussions regarding behavior
  • Reinforce successive approximations of behavior
  • Redirection
  • State instructions simply, one at a time
  • Use of seat belt
  • Use of harness


  • Positive notes home
  • Good bus reports
  • Praise
  • Concrete reinforcers (e.g., stickers, certificates)
  • Peer or bus helper
  • Choice of seating
  • Choice of radio station
  • Increased privileges at school


  • Assigned seating or call home
  • Conference with administrator
  • Discipline referral
  • Parent conference
  • Decreased privileges at school
  • Time out from school activities
  • In-school suspension or lunch detention
  • Before- or after-school detention
  • Saturday school
  • Safety class
  • Alternative placement for continued or serious misbehavior (not to exceed 10 days without IEP team meeting)
  • Emergency removal (not to exceed 3 days)

    Nancy Tarvin is a nationally certified school psychologist at Leander (Texas) Independent School District.

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