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Oct 18, 2011

Eye-Max LP Cross View Mirror System

Company: Rosco Vision Systems


The Eye-Max LP Cross View Mirror System greatly improves upon the performance of the Rosco HawkEye and Mini-HawkEye cross-view mirrors, according to the company.

The Eye-Max LP asymmetric cross-view mirror enlarges image size by as much as 33 percent over Rosco's Mini-HawkEye mirror. This greatly surpasses System B mirror requirements per Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 111.

Moreover, the Eye-Max LP's asymmetric mirror lens shape offers significant safety advantages. The different sections throughout the mirror provide the driver with an optimum view of the danger zone around a school bus, and the mirror divisions are designed to increase image size and coverage in all areas around the bus.   

The mirror also provides enhanced coverage of dangerous passing traffic on the driver's side of the bus during stops when students are boarding and disembarking.  

The Eye-Max LP's low profile and lightweight design reduce forward blind spots and sun glare, and improve fuel efficiency with less wind resistance and drag, company officials said.

In addition, the Eye-Max LP's removable molded rim allows for easy replacement of the shatterproof acrylic convex lens. The mirror can be retrofitted onto buses by Rosco's technical support staff. 

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