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May 30, 2013  |   Comments (5)   |   Post a comment

Bus driver suspended after wreck story proven false


CLINTON, Tenn. — Knoxville News Sentinel reports that Tammy Moore, a school bus driver who said the accident she was involved in was caused by an oncoming car moving into her lane, has been suspended.

Based on an investigation into the accident and footage from a camera on board the bus, Moore's explanation for the crash did not add up. Joe Forgety, supervisor of safety and transportation for Anderson County Schools, told the paper that the video shows two cars passing the bus in the proper lane approximately 15 to 20 seconds before the wreck.

Also, the investigation revealed that Moore was distracted for four or five seconds by a student in the aisle of the bus, which was carrying 44 students, Forgety added. Forgety and David Parker, the owner of Parker Transports, Moore's employer, decided that she should be suspended until the investigation is complete.

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If there had been a monitor on that bus the issue with the child would have been dealt with, the child would not have been in the aisle, the driver would not have been distracted and the accident wouldn't have happened. A monitor would have prevented the accident and the responsibility for that is on Joe Forgety and David Parker. It's no wonder she lied knowing they would hang her.

Sam    |    Mar 15, 2014 06:52 AM

The school district and bus contractors delude themselves into thinking that a threatening lecture and a video can make a driver able to do two jobs at once.

Sam    |    Mar 14, 2014 05:44 PM

Monitors should be on all school buses, k thru 5 and middle school as well. I've driven a school bus for ten years and I can tell you that it's impossible to monitor the kids and maintain safe driving standards at the same time. When drivers are distracted this way neither responsibility is given the proper attention. No one working in student transportation would disagree that monitors add improved safety to the school bus environment. Meaning that monitors aren't being cut because they aren't needed. They're being cut because of money. Which is more important child safety or money? It's negligent on the part of school districts and bus contractors to put drivers and students in this position. I don't think it would be that hard for a good attorney to convince a judge or jury of this fact in a lawsuit filed by parents. Drivers using a cell phone or texting while driving is not allowed because it will be too distracting to the driver. So, why is it acceptable for drivers to be distracted by trying to monitor 30, 60 or 75 children while driving? How many tragedies does it have to take to force the districts to do the right thing?

Bus Driver    |    Mar 14, 2014 09:15 AM

Hunter Pitt, a 6-year-old in Callaway County, Mo., was killed in January 2011 when his school bus ran over him as he crossed in front.The driver Willie Leonberger said, that a commotion on the bus distracted him as Hunter was unloading...The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and other state organizations created a video that explains the accident and emphasizes the importance of school bus drivers staying focused, particularly when children are loading and unloading.DRIVERS CANNOT STAY FOCUSED ON DRIVING WHILE BEING DISTRACTED BY COMMOTIONS!!! It's typical of many companies across fields to not give employees what they need to do their job properly then blame them when problems occur. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and other state organizations chose to save money and make a video rather that effectively deal with these situations by employing monitors. Mr. Leonberger has a deep sense of guilt and has been very noble in accepting sole responsibility for the accident while trying to redeem himself, which is understandable. But the unalterable fact is that had there been a monitor on that bus HUNTER PITT WOULD BE ALIVE TODAY! Willie Leonberger and the Pitt family should file lawsuits against the district!

Bus Driver    |    Mar 14, 2014 09:11 AM

Yet another example of a driver being distracted while trying to do two jobs at once, focus on safe driving and be a monitor at the same time. The driver is put into this position by her employer who knows the difference in safety monitors make. And of course she is hung out to dry. Bus contractors and school districts pay lip service and say they want children to be as safe as possible, but hold back from safety measures that would make a real difference. Why? To save money. Money #1 Children #2. Apparently Joe Fogerty's rational is: why spend money on monitors so the driver can do their job safely when, if something happens, we can just crucify them while I sit back in my office free from responsibility? Put monitors on all school buses and see how much accidents are reduced.

Joe Average    |    Mar 14, 2014 09:08 AM

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