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October 05, 2012  |   Comments (2)   |   Post a comment

School bus plunges off overpass in Texas


SAN ANTONIO — A 7-year-old boy and two adults were at a hospital recovering from injuries they sustained after a school bus plunged off an interstate overpass here on Thursday, according to a story on

A spokeswoman for San Antonio Independent School District told the news source that the bus is for special-needs students, but it is not known if the boy on the bus has special needs. Police Sgt. Javier Salazar said the bus fell about 15 feet to the access road below after colliding with a car. He also said that the two adults “possibly suffered some broken bones,” and the student just sustained “some minor facial injuries.”  

The accident is the second this week involving a San Antonio Independent School District bus. On Monday, bus driver Dolores Martinez was killed after her bus hit another bus and then crashed into a fence.

To read the full story on Thursday’s accident from, click here.

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Gadzooks. This sounds like a similar incident to what happened on a Simpsons cartoon episode several years ago. The Town's bus driver Otto is driving reckless and fast and takes the bus off-road into a swimming pool with children on-board. When Police Chief Wigghams comes on-scene he says alright lets see your driver's license. In true Simpson's style Otto says 'A license, was I supposed to have a license?' Its one of the best episodes.

BeeBopEh    |    Jan 23, 2013 02:30 PM

As a school bus accident reconstructionist I suggest the followiing be considered:' 1. The bus driver was in the nortbound center lane and should have been in the outside lane. NOTE: There are cars passing on the right side of the bus that would not be able to pass if the bus was in the outside lane.' 2. The bus driver was going slower than other traffic in the outside lane which means that the bus was blocking traffic in the higher speed central lanel 3. School bus drivers are taught to drive in the outside lane and to drive five MPH under the speed limit. The posted speed limit on I-35 is 45 MPH as I recall. This would mean that there was traffic backed up behind the school bus that had to pass on the right (dangerously) and then re-enter the center lane ahead of the bus that was just passed. Again, not a safe driving procedure by the driver. 4. There was music playing in the background which reduces the school bus drivers ability to concentrate on outside traffic, and distracts the driver from full attention to the driving task. 5. The vehicle that hit the bus was in the outside northbound lane and swerved into the front of the school bus toward the center median as indicated from the video recording. 6. Note that the driver does not look up in the rear view mirror to see if any backlogged vehicles are present behind the bus and to anticipate hurried drivers required to pass the bus on the right side to get around the slower moviing vehicle. 7. At the moment of the crash it appears that the school bus driver makes a 180 degree left turn maneuver with the steering wheel which would put the bus in a collision course with the center lane median barrier--the so-called Jersey barrier. 8. Since we do not have the remaining events recorded on the video that was reportedly destroyed by the crash to the ground below it is difficult to determine why the school bus driver veered to the left in the center median and then (perhaps) skidded after hitting that median across tw

Dr, Ray Turner    |    Oct 12, 2012 10:54 AM

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