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September 04, 2012  |   Comments (3)   |   Post a comment

Article delivers the facts on school bus safety


North Carolina state pupil transportation director Derek Graham has penned a new article that thoroughly explains why yellow buses are the safest way for students to get to and from school.

The piece that Graham contributed to the Southeast Education Network (SEEN) may be useful in making a case for pupil transportation to parents, school officials, legislators and others.

After describing the various safety aspects involved in school buses — from driver training and certification to construction standards and other equipment — Graham calls on the public to support the yellow bus.

“School boards have tough jobs — especially when money is tight,” Graham writes in the SEEN article. “It is tempting to reduce transportation, cut out service or take other money-saving measures that can negatively impact safety. The decision-makers must hear from their constituents that safety is important.

To read the full article, go here.

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Riding a "greyhound" aka MCI motorcoaches does not make it safer. Coaches are not built to schoolbus spec, and that roof surely can't hold 10x it's own weight.

BL    |    Sep 07, 2012 10:39 AM

Well - there is a hell of a lot more behind the scenes work that goes into the nuts and bolts side of making sure a school bus is in fact - safe. Take the driver for example; any training program can follow a book and classroom approach. That may work for some. My 28 years of experience - was spent on a school bus. Eight years driving special needs and the rest in maintenance support including driver training duties since 1998. The best training possible is in the drivers seat not in a classroom desk seat. My additional experience comes from twenty years of preparing for DOT inspections involving the State Police bi-annual and annual inspections. Give me a driver who actually pays attention and cares about your children and mine and we've got the safest piece of equipment on board the bus. That specific driver will not; speed, tail-gate, fail to do their pre-trips, fail to inspect the inside of the bus for students left behind, will not fail to practice bus evacuations, will not fail to operate the bus safely in all types of weather and unforeseen circumstances. The many things that a good driver does everyday goes unnoticed by most people. What is never missed is the CNN news coverage of accidents when bad drivers do fail to safely operate their school buses. It will not matter how bad you or I want someone to drive safely - if they do not value and respect the responsibilities that goes with being a school bus driver - they need to find a less dangerous profession. The school buses are the safest vehicle on our roadways because we HAVE put the safest drivers in the driver's seat. It is that simple but it was never that simple to get us to this fact: You want good results from your drivers, start out with a good candidate trainee then give them the best training, support, and vehicles that you can afford to. Teach them everything you know about operating a school bus and hold nothing back. Get that new hire out on the roadway yourself if you are the one responsible

Dan Luttrell    |    Sep 05, 2012 04:30 PM

Prefer my grandkids ride the new Greyhound bus to and from school... Took the time to read the full article. Oh boy, some are not going to like my take on this article. Appears the author is referring to the best-managed school buses on the roads (both mechanically sound and the vehicle’s school bus driver effectively supported), which was not made clear in the story. The author’s opinion throughout the article seems an industry friendly informercial. Understandable, of course. How long would a critic or skeptic last in that author’s occupational position? I know of only a brilliant few. The article is an excellent, top-notch rather lengthy industry friendly advertisement. Well done, in that respect.

jkraemer    |    Sep 05, 2012 08:07 AM

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