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August 09, 2012  |   Comments (0)   |   Post a comment

Camera system aids in backing large buses


QUEENS, N.Y. — Rosco Inc.’s new camera system offers increased visibility for drivers in a potentially dangerous situation: backing up large school buses or transit buses.

The Smart-Vision STSK6630 Rearview Mirror/Monitor Backup Camera System uses a camera mounted on the back of the bus to send images to a monitor installed inside of the rearview mirror of the bus.

The system is “perfect for large buses backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited,” said Peter Plate, Rosco’s director of sales and marketing. “It also has the capacity for additional interior and side cameras — it’s like giving the driver extra eyes.”

The 6-inch by 30-inch rearview mirror/monitor installation is the same as other large bus interior rearview mirrors. The backup cameras are also installed like any other system, and the camera harness is connected to the monitor.

In the Smart-Vision rearview camera system, a seven-inch LCD monitor is automatically displayed on the interior rearview mirror when the vehicle shifts into reverse, allowing the driver to see behind the bus. Once the driver shifts into other modes of bus operation, a normal mirror view reappears.

Large buses equipped with the Smart-Vision rearview camera system have options for multiple cameras, including side and interior units. An automatic monitor view changes based on the operational conditions of the bus or preference of the driver.

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