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June 06, 2011  |   Comments (1)   |   Post a comment

Utah dad makes bus ride memorable for son


Dale Price has dressed up in a different costume every morning this school year and waved to his son Rain as he departs for school on the bus. On this day, he was a pirate. Photo by Rochelle Price

AMERICAN FORK, Utah — High school student Rain Price has had a memorable school year. His father, Dale, has dressed up in different costumes every morning and waved to the bus taking him and his classmates to school.  

Dale Price told the Daily Herald that this was Rain’s first year riding a school bus, and on the first day of school, his wife suggested that they go and wave to Rain while he was on the bus to “embarrass him.” 

“Later I overheard him talking to her, 'Mom, don't let Dad go out there again.' What a challenge," Price said.

Since then, Price has created costumes using materials lying around his house and from neighbors. Costumes have included “Terry Potter” (Harry Potter’s long-lost cousin) and Michael Jackson. Price’s wife, Rochelle, takes photos of him in costume and has also started a blog about it at

For his part, Rain has gotten over the embarrassment of his father’s antics and enjoys laughing about it with his friends, the Daily Herald reports.

"The first day of high school I have my dad waving at the bus," he told the news source. "It was really embarrassing. But the last couple of months it has turned into more entertainment."

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I to do things that at first make my kids feel like there dads crazy,after having time to think about it they like the fact Im different and realize its ok to have fun and can be done without alcohol and drugs. More parents need to be more involved with there children, keep up the good work.

Don Kissinger    |    Jul 20, 2011 07:05 AM

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