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April 05, 2011  |   Comments (2)   |   Post a comment

Fog may have contributed to fatal school bus crash


JACKSON, Miss. — Authorities said they believe fog may have been a factor in a collision between a school bus and a tractor-trailer on Friday.

A 10-year-old girl was killed in the crash, and at least 10 other people were injured.

Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesman Jon Kalahar said it appears that the bus stopped at a stop sign, then pulled onto the highway in front of the truck, The Associated Press (AP) reports. Kalahar said the truck driver told investigators he hit the brakes but failed to stop in time.

Taliyah McRoy, a fifth-grade student, died in the crash, according to Shaw School District Superintendent Cederick Ellis. Ellis told AP that four other students were flown to hospitals and at least another four were taken by ambulance. At least one is still in critical condition, he said.

Kalahar said the vehicles flipped onto their sides during the collision. Students from kindergarten through high school were riding the bus at the time of the accident.


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How tragic for all involved! Fog is horrible to drive in, especially in the daytime. So many vehicles are out on the road without any lights on. At times, the fog can be so thick that lights aren't visible until you are right on top of them. I have my drivers quiet the students on the bus - shut off heaters and open windows to listen - have the strobe on, etc.; whatever they can do to avoid situations like this. We have snow days - thick fog can be just as, if not more, dangerous!

Robbin Pierce    |    Apr 06, 2011 10:28 AM

I would not like any more Federal regulations than anyone else does, however I feel there is a need to have a "fog or severe road condition" reduced speed limit. Should it be at least half the posted limit? What would it be for ice? Bottom line is this: Everyone should know to SLOW DOWN when you can't see to drive. Why do you think there are sections on your physicals for eye test? I think there should be no one driving on sections of roads where there is fog, ice, land slides etc., where there is a very high chance of people being killed. Is it too late now for any of us to even entertain thoughts like the ones you've just read? It's sadly too late for the ten year old and a truck driver who has to live with this now. What if you had a school bus broke down in the highway intersection and semi after semi kept running into crash scene? There would be many more dead. So yes, if the bus had not pulled out at just the wrong time and the truck driver had not hit the bus we would not be posting any comments at all on this. What can we do when the road conditions are NOT safe to be on with a school bus full of children? Two hour delays? Why not? If it is all-day fog then school officials need to consider closing for the day. Lets start thinking more about the price of what we think one child is worth. Then start planning way ahead of time as to what school policy should be when drivers can not possibly see eachother in time to avoid preventable accidents. It is preventable when you should not be on the road to begin with. If you have a better solution for bad road conditions then please post them. I'd like to learn how to save lives myself.

Dan Luttrell    |    Apr 05, 2011 06:36 PM

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