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Articles/News - School Bus Safety

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Walking Down the Aisle: Keys to Choosing a Bus Floor
December 1, 2004

With the winter months bringing rain clouds and snowstorms, parents will be worrying about flu shots and bundling up the little ones for the cold. But...

Bus Briefs
December 1, 2004

‘Black box’ could shed light on school bus crash

STOCKWELL, Ind. — State police obtained a search warrant to retrieve an electronic data rec...

Security Awareness Blows Up in Cincinnati
December 1, 2004

For the last few days of October and first few days of November, Cincinnati was the place to be.

NASDPTS urges further security efforts with feds
December 1, 2004
WASHINGTON, D.C. — After passing a resolution at its recent conference, the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (...
Feds distribute security notice to school districts
November 1, 2004

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Department of Education warned school districts nationwide to keep an eye out for people spying on their buildings and buses.

Boy expelled after bringing weapons on school bus
November 1, 2004

ANDERSON, Ind. — A 14-year-old boy was expelled from school and detained at a local juvenile detention center for reportedly bringing weapons onto a s...

NTSB targets rail crossings
October 1, 2004

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has placed improved school bus/grade crossing safety on its list of “Most Wanted Transportation Safety...

District surveys benefits of digital video system
October 1, 2004

NORCROSS, Ga. — School bus operations looking to upgrade or change their analog video surveillance equipment need a reliable product with superior sto...

Florida buses brake for hurricane season
October 1, 2004
The first day of school came late for many Florida school districts as hurricanes swept through the state last month.

At its worst, Hurricane Fran...

Impaired driver ahead
October 1, 2004

At 2:30 p.m., Sarah learned that her soon-to-be ex-husband had drained her bank account of everything she had saved over the 10 years of her rocky mar...

Want to Switch Seats?
September 1, 2004

When it comes to school bus seating, "comfortable" hasn't historically topped the list of descriptions. Neither has style, as some might say they tend...

Detection system senses children in danger zone
September 1, 2004

Because safety in the loading and unloading zone remains a top concern for school bus operators, many are beginning to use new devices to detect the p...

Idaho license plates to bear safety message
September 1, 2004

BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho State Department of Education has helped to launch an innovative campaign that involves the sale of specialized motor-vehicle...

LED Trend Glows Brighter in School Buses
September 1, 2004

Lighting systems on school buses play a critical role in ensuring the highest levels of safety for passengers, drivers and other motorists. It's not s...

Safety in numbers?
August 1, 2004

Each August, we put together an editorial package that focuses on school bus safety. This year is no exception, but we’ve got a heftier package than n...

Extending Safety Margins Around School Buses
August 1, 2004

It would be easy to take for granted the safety equipment that has become commonplace on the exterior of school buses — stop arms, eight-way light sys...

A Wide-Angle View of Video Surveillance
August 1, 2004

Video cameras on school buses always seemed like an unnecessary expense to Monica Coburn — until she became the transportation manager of a school dis...

How to Reduce Your Accident Rate
August 1, 2004

Accident reduction programs are often implemented after there has been a devastating accident in the operation. To proactively attempt to reduce accid...

Rage Against the Machine: Disarming Hostile People
August 1, 2004

School bus drivers should not need to worry about being attacked on the job, especially by parents. After all, these drivers are paid to protect their...

Feds update 15-passenger van alerts
August 1, 2004

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Schools using 15-passenger vans were further warned of the inherent rollover risk of vans transporting students in lieu of t...

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