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Danger Zone’ Deaths Dip
November 1, 2001
Nine children were killed by their own school bus or by a passing vehicle during the 2000-01 school year, a decline of 59% from the previous year and ...
No need for paranoia, but security needs closer look
November 1, 2001

The focal point of the school transportation community has always been safety. Everything you do is directed toward moving children safely to and from...

In an emergency, whose language is it anyway?
November 1, 2001

The following is a re-creation of a dialogue that took place in the Forum at The names of the participants have been cha...

Responding to terrorism requires courage and faith
October 1, 2001

As Vince Lombardi once said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” This country got knocked down on Sept. 11 during the...

Breaking News from around the Industry
October 1, 2001

Industry reacts to terror attacks

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- It was the worst attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor and has shattered America’...

Should bus drivers be allowed to use cell phones while driving?
September 1, 2001

That's the question we posed recently in the Forum on SBF's Website at

Only questions remain after her son's death
June 1, 2001

Until about four months ago, I had a wonderful husband, Jimmy, and four beautiful children -- Brian, 15; Brandon, 13; Brenda, 11; and Brody, 9. Howeve...

6 Steps to Improved School Site Safety
April 1, 2001

Site design, driver training, parent education and adequate supervision are key factors in reducing traffic congestion and safety hazards in school loading and unloading zones.

Echoes of gunshots heard on school buses
April 1, 2001

The horror, again. A 15-year-old California boy brings a gun to school and kills two students and wounds 13 others. Within days, threats of further vi...

Scrutinizing the Safety Risks of Older Bus Drivers
March 1, 2001

Supervisors need to monitor aging drivers for diminishing visual and cognitive skills. Specialized training and more frequent assessment tests might also be in order.

Aleana's death sparks call for improved safety
March 1, 2001

In the wake of the death of 5-year-old Aleana Johnson, who was struck and killed by her own school bus on Jan. 9, a community group called Friends ...

The 8 Most Common - and Dangerous - Mirror Mistakes
February 1, 2001

School bus mirrors are a critical safety system, but drivers often fail to adjust and use them properly. Experts in the field provide insights on common errors and cures.

Operate Safely in Winter Conditions
December 1, 2000
Operating safely in adverse conditions depends on a number of common sense procedures. Here’s a list of reminders for winter driving: • Traction i...
NAPT 2000 Focuses on Curbing School Bus Violence
December 1, 2000

Meeting in Buffalo, N.Y., delegates learned about predicting and responding to school violence, as well as handling the media, special-needs challenges and transportation funding.

A passenger's perspective on the daily school bus ride
December 1, 2000

An important perspective that’s often overlooked in the pupil transportation industry is that of the passengers. Until last June, my morning routine included spending an hour on a Blue Bird. I know very well the attitudes of most of my peers when it comes to school buses, and I’d like to share some of my observations.

How to select and use child safety restraint systems
November 1, 2000

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a new brochure offering guidelines for choosing and using child safety restraint systems (CSRS) on school buses.

How to Safely Back a School Bus
November 1, 2000

Though no one is recommending backing a school bus, there are certain conditions under which it is unavoidable. We consulted transportation experts to find out exactly when and how it should be done.

'Unsafe school buses' create good headlines
October 1, 2000

I observed sharks feeding in bloody waters early last month. No, these beasts weren’t lurking off the coast of New Jersey, my home state. They w...

Dangers beyond the bus are worthy of our attention
September 1, 2000

The commonly used phrase “home-to-school transportation” is not exactly accurate.

Fun, Memorable Ways to Teach School Bus Safety
August 1, 2000

Classroom safety programs that feature safe and dangerous puppets, safety-challenged Oz characters and an old friend (Buster the Bus) help to engage and educate young riders.

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