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Articles/News - School Bus Safety

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Solemn anniversary worth some reflection, action
September 1, 2002

Over the past year, Americans have developed a disconcerting familiarity with terrorism, which is no longer a strictly foreign concept. The shocking e...

News from the World of Pupil Transportation
August 1, 2002

Buses are least risky mode of school travel

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A report by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) on the relative safe...

Do School Buses Need Additional Warning Devices?
August 1, 2002

The familiar yellow school bus is rightfully touted as being the safest vehicle on the road. But, is it as safe as it should be? Do we, the people who...

Parents need to know about the relative risks
August 1, 2002

Riding a school bus is the safest way for children to get to and from school. That's not headline news for the vast majority of people in t...

Demand Rises for High-Tech, Heavy-Duty A/C Systems
June 1, 2002

Air conditioning purchases are on the rise in the school bus industry and the demand for high-tech, heavy-capacity units is likewise increasing. Year-...

Teamwork at its best for a wounded comrade
June 1, 2002

Rufino Galla and his wife Leola joined the staff of Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) in October 1999 — he as a school bus driver, she as a bu...

News from the World of Pupil Transportation
April 1, 2002

Driver weathers aftermath of attack

ATLANTA — On Nov. 7, 2001, Lynda Clanton, school bus driver for Fulton County Schools in Fairburn, ...

Upcoming NHTSA Training Programs
April 1, 2002

Illegal Passing of School Buses — NHTSA sponsored four demonstration projects addressing illegal passing, which are completed. Based on the results, t...

Railroad Crossing Safety Upgrades
April 1, 2002
Train-school bus collisions are a major cause of concern for pupil transportation operations throughout the nation. In March 2000, a school bus collid...
Hidden costs, dangers plague 3-point seat belt controversy
April 1, 2002

In late April 2001, supermodel Nikki Taylor suffered critical liver damage and other internal injuries as a result of a car accident. The injuries wer...

Car Seats on School Buses: The 10 Most Common Mistakes
April 1, 2002

Crash-test results show that preschool-aged students and infants are much safer when transported using a child safety restraint system (CSRS). These s...

The Future of School Bus Lighting Systems
April 1, 2002

A few years ago, brave (or well-funded) school bus operators began transitioning from incandescent lighting systems to LEDs (light-emitting diodes). N...

Taking the bull by the horns in Colorado
April 1, 2002

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” That’s one of the dozens of “Yogi-isms” attributed to Hall of Fame catch...

Colorado group tightens van policy
April 1, 2002

DENVER — An insurance pool that provides coverage to 130 of the 178 school districts in Colorado has approved a plan that will curtail the use o...

‘Smart Buses’ Hit the Streets of L.A.
March 1, 2002

Motorola will be installing and managing Advanced Transportation Management Systems aboard Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (LACMTA) ...

8 Ideas for Special Safety Events
March 1, 2002

Gain publicity and spread awareness about your operation using special events in conjunction with a school bus safety day. The National Highway Traffi...

Protect Against Identity Theft
March 1, 2002
Identity thieves lurk on the Internet, in stores and banks and on the telephone. They covet your private information, such as name, address and phone ...
Yellow Buses Invade Britain
March 1, 2002

About 125 children in Yorkshire, England, began riding two yellow buses to and from school in mid-February as part of a pilot project to test the effe...

Pollution report card: Officials respond to failing grades
March 1, 2002

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - No U.S. state received a grade of “A” and 21 states did poorly or flunked out on a national report card rating the leve...

News from the World of Pupil Transportation
February 1, 2002

Final report issued on Tennga bus-train crash

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined that the sc...

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