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April 22, 2014  |   Comments (5)   |   Post a comment

Protect your operation with video surveillance

False claims made against school bus drivers or other transportation staff have the potential to damage reputations and cause legal problems if a district or bus company is unable to prove what occurred during the incident in question. Equipping buses with cameras and DVRs can offer protection by providing undisputable evidence in these situations and others, such as accidents. Here's a roundup of the technology utilized by operations around the country.

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Chesapeake (Va.) Public Schools' buses are equipped with AngelTrax's HC460 four-channel DVR system and three cameras.

Chesapeake (Va.) Public Schools' buses are equipped with AngelTrax's HC460 four-channel DVR system and three cameras.

Joel Stutheit, transportation director at Bethel School District in Spanaway, Wash., and David Benson, director of transportation at Chesapeake (Va.) Public Schools, both have surveillance technology from AngelTrax in their fleets.

All of the buses at Stutheit’s operation are outfitted with AngelTrax’s HDX mobile DVR and three cameras. The camera that’s positioned over the front door of the bus helped to disprove an allegation made by a student that his driver struck him.  

“You can hear the conversation and you can clearly see that the incident did not take place,” Stutheit says. Another advantage of video surveillance, he says, is that it shortens incident investigation time.

Benson says the majority of his fleet’s buses are equipped with AngelTrax’s HC460 four-channel DVR system and three cameras.

“It’s minimized calls from parents because they know that they can no longer make the claim that, for example, the bus didn’t come by their house to pick up their child,” Benson says.  

All of Chesapeake Public Schools’ buses are also equipped with motion sensors, which have helped the district in getting convictions on a number of vandalisms.

AngelTrax Marketing Director JoBeth Fink adds that the company will soon release the latest edition of its surveillance playback software, FlexPlay Pro 7. With this software, operations will have the ability to perform various functions, such as using “mask and blur” features to protect students’ identities when necessary.

  • At Orange (Calif.) Unified School District, cameras from 247Security captured footage of the back of a bus being struck by a vehicle, helping to prove that the school bus driver was not at fault.
    <p>At Orange (Calif.) Unified School District, cameras from 247Security captured footage of the back of a bus being struck by a vehicle, helping to prove that the school bus driver was not at fault.</p>

247 Security

247Security is currently offering Touchdown, an integrated video/GPS wireless management solution that enables the user to see historical or live route and video data, and transportation managers can access video and other critical data from their office or phone/PDA, bringing them automated alerts or specific requests, according to Rob Scott, vice president of sales and marketing.

Scott says that the ability to securely transfer and view video is essential in choosing a surveillance solution. “You want to make sure that the video is viewed through viewing software that is secured for use only by authorized personnel so that if the video ends up before authorities, you can prove that it hasn’t been tampered with,” he says, adding that your wireless network should also have strict levels of security.

Orange (Calif.) Unified School District’s buses are equipped with multiple surveillance cameras from 247Security for comprehensive coverage.

Recently, one of the district’s buses was struck by a car. “You can see where the car hit the back of the bus, and you can hear the driver of the car apologize profusely,” Director of Transportation Pam McDonald says. “The audio is a definite benefit.”

Transportation Supervisor Ellen Johnson adds that the cameras are helpful in documenting accidents and determining who was at fault because sometimes the bus driver can get shaken up and may have trouble remembering what occurred.

Apollo Video Technology
Apollo Video Technology offers the RoadRunner DVR system, which can record up to 120 images per second. The optional GPS feature enables users to search based on location or speed with mapping location information and speed charts that provide graphical route and historical speed information.

Company officials say the iSM (Interactive Speed and Mapping) interface provides the ability to easily investigate speed complaints, and it provides street names and geographical data for route and bus stop information.

Apollo’s MRH4 Series system records footage with up to four cameras, plus audio. The MRH2 Series system records footage with up to two cameras, plus audio.

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It's great initiative to have surveillance cameras at buses. It is one step to the safety of your children. I have now installed cameras at home to monitor the yard and parking,I run them from my computer using the program Xeoma, however, someone is always trying to steal them. But I don't think that children will try to damage the cameras. I'm really interested what is the children reaction on them.

Andrea    |    Jul 09, 2014 07:21 AM

I have just what you are looking for. Research online the get in touch with me. At this time I have 2 or 3 used systems for sale. Go online and check out the REI BUS-WATCH Surveillance Systems, Model R4001. If this meets your current needs get in touch me. I may be able to get upwards of 20 more if I act quickly, before they are gone. Have a great 4th of July.

Jeff Zima    |    Jul 03, 2014 02:20 PM

Joe Rinaldi    |    Jul 03, 2014 09:47 AM

Joe Rinaldi    |    Jul 03, 2014 09:47 AM

I would like to start with a 4 camera system that may add to latter. A System that will take care of up to 8 cameras. I just start to look, on man told me about a machine after finding instant record on a disk an give to Police. I am interest on a price for complete system with 4 cameras, mintor and recorder, with I think a flash drive.

Joe Rinaldi    |    Jul 03, 2014 09:47 AM

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